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Dress It APP with ReMINEd

By Dressmeupbuttercup @hazelsalcedo

Dressing up is probably one of the most difficult decisions in a girl’s life. I bet you can relate with me, right? Every morning, I usually allot around 10 to 20 minutes to contemplate in front of my closet and decide which style to wear for the day. Most of the time, what I wear depends on my mood when I wake up – lazy dressing, girl next door or sophisticated chic. Apart from figuring out the best outfit to wear, I would also have to think about how my face will look. It will take me around 5 minutes to put on my basic and natural make-up with concealer, powder, blush-on and lipstick. I guess a girl’s life is really complicated to the point that everything we do is considered an art. Agree?

However, on the other side of things, dressing up and beautifying oneself is much easier than pursuing our dreams. We have a lot of wants and desires which makes it more complicated because we don’t know which ones to prioritize first. Well, if we have the same sentiments, let’s all thank AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. for developing a visual wishlist application called ReMINEd which makes wishful thinking less complicated. Check out what’s on my Mine Box… aka my birthday wishlist! 


I want to have an iPad mini! Screw me, I’m an Apple kinda girl. :P

Dress it APP with ReMINEd

Nars Blush in Orgasm. Just because it’s the holy grail for blush for most beauty gurus and I wanna know why so I want it too! haha. I also want the new Betty and Veronica lipsticks from MAC! Anyone knows when will this collection be available here in the Philippines?


Who wouldn’t want to unwind over the summer season, right? With ReMINEd, we are taught how to dress up with a positive vibe and goal-oriented outlook in life. We are presented with photos of our wants, a target date on when should we have that item, a priority level (Low, Medium and High) and a reminder of what should we do in order to attain all of these things one step at a time. I still don’t have any summer escapades, but I did book for Puerto Princesa for September already (Thanks to Cebu Pacific’s seat sale! :P) *weee excited*

Dress it APP with ReMINEd

Last on my list… designer bags! It’s my dream to own one someday! Gotta save lots of moohlas for this! HAHA!

If you want to store your wants over your Mine Box, go ahead and download ReMINEd on your smartphones! The Lite Version is available for free and will allow you to store five of your wants. However, five wants will be too easy to handle. Why not download the Full Version instead and for only $0.99 (around P40.00), you get to store photos of your wants endlessly! As they say, sharing is caring. Agree? So feel free to share your wants over Facebook and Twitter and let your loved ones show affection to you by getting your wants for you. Sounds fun, right?

Why don’t we dress up our smartphones with ReMINEd and start ‘mine-ing’ on our heart’s content. You’ll never know, you might dress up with a Zara blazer which was once on your Mine Box! (Wink!)

For more details: ReMINEd website | iOS Full Version | iOS Lite Version | Android Lite Version 

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