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Dreams - We Are War Horses for the Extra-dimensionals

Posted on the 24 June 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Dreams - we are War Horses for the Extra-dimensionalsmaybe it's something they've forgotten how to do: be assertive, protect, take no shit from no-one.
It's what we humans do, on a daily basis; when we have a cause we all believe in: there's no-one and nothing who'll take that away from us.
We defend our family.
We defend our country.
We defend our liberty, once we understand what that means, once we learn the game being played against us: nothing will halt our resolve.
And it's something I've been pondering ever since meeting Elder Guide; I suspect that was my FIRST INITIATION into their intergalactic world of cooperation. Of course such a dream interface would look like Victorian Cambridge (or whatever the Hell will make sense to me, so I'll feel comfortable...) but it won't look like this to them. We don't even need to see what their world's like; it certainly wouldn't make geographical or temporal sense is my suspicion.
And I think this is for GOOD REASON.
Humanity, like the ants and the tigers and the dinosaurs before him, is a savage race: but there's something else. A human brain (whether we believe it or not) is able to connect to the EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL REALM, we can travel faster than the speed of light and we do it every night we sleep. They've seen how brutal we can be, as a race of believers in a cause. They've seen how we can be deceived into becoming ABSOLUTE MONSTERS by those who pull our strings, who guide our thoughts and who coerce us into wars and campaigns against common sense. We're being used, like War Horses carrying soldiers into battle, by those 'extra dimensional beings' who haunt our sleeping moments, our hours of daily unconsciousness.
Our unique savagery, and honour, and dogged determination (our Creativity, our Passion, our Kinship) is of value to those alien races across our universe who have either forgotten how to or are yet to learn how to FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES. And they need us to be FULLY UNCONSCIOUS so that we won't hurt them, those souls who we're saving. This must be some sort of PHYSICAL THING we do, some sort of uniquely dangerous trait we possess. We're so lethal, sleep must be our harness, our reins, our cage.
Though we are unlikely to meet these aliens, we are their Champions; once we start to believe in our Custodian role on a Free Planet we can be as BRUTAL and HONEST and PROTECTIVE of this planet for the sake of our children's children. This is what it means to become a part of the great Universal song; but we all have to sing in unison.

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