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Dreams - Pull Your Finger out

Posted on the 12 December 2017 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
dreams - pull your finger out
now this was gorgeous, already the dream was vivid and memorable and surreal but then it did this...
I got a splinter.
Yeah, a tiny little splinter at the tip of my left index finger. So, I got the fingernails of my right hand under it and started to pull. And it came out, but then a new one grew. So I pulled that one out but it came and came and came...
Then it turned decidedly weird, like I was pulling out an insect foot, shin, thigh.... I could see the hairs on the insect leg as I pulled and pulled this thing out of my index finger and it kept coming. But that was only the leg and it was already too big to pull out of the finger ref: image for scale. I realised I was dreaming (it was like I did a 'reality check') and woke up, as I'd seen enough...
I realised, very soon after waking, that it was a message to PULL MY FUCKING FINGER OUT and this refers to stuff I've been putting off in my life - yes, I have a list.  :)

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