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By Ninamorena @NinaMorenaXO
This weekend's shoe is the "Folklore" leather and suede appliqué mule by Renate Volleberg in 2005.
Now that I think about it, this blog is way overdue for an outfit post. I tend to avoid those because I fail to see how I'm photogenic, and pictures from last night are already flooding Facebook. The first one I saw was me trying to dance and my eyes are half closed. Pet peeve: when someone takes random candid shots of the dance floor and everyone in the photo looks disabled.
Last night was my friend Angela's sweet sixteen. Getting there and getting back home all the way from downtown was very confusing and aggravating, but most of the night was great. I took the whole day to get ready, although many hours were lost thanks to my laziness.


And this is only one corner of my room.


Top: Winners. Jeans: gift. Shoes: H&M. Nails: Sally Hansen's "Racey Rouge."

When it was time to leave, my dad was parked on Peel Street in front of Harry Rosen, waiting for me. I was in one of the condos above Les Cours Mont-Royal, so I had to leave from a door around the block. So much for "making it quick because he was parked illegally." Because of the confusion as to where I was standing, I ended up all the way on Sherbrooke, walking in the opposite direction of the car I was yet to find.
By the time we made it home, my feet stopped working and my legs were Jell-O. Then I collapsed into bed for eight hours and didn't remember any of my dreams, just the way I like it.

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