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Dreaming of Festival Season // Pt.One

By Accordingtoamber @sgwennu

I'm upset. The UK hasn't had any kind of summer this year whatsoever, which makes me glad that I'd previously decided to forgo the UK festival scene this year. Instead I'm just going to focus on my original plan of heading off the Glastonbury 2013. It was cancelled this year of course because of the Olympics. But bring on next year! So excited!
In the mean time, I intend to do what I do best. Plan, plan, plan and do some internet-window-shopping. Who doesn't love a good wishlist and shopping guide?If you need to sort yourselves out with some camping gear then I'm pretty impressed with what Next has to offer. Next has never been the first place I'd think of for camping gear, but these are some real bargains considering the brand names as well.Dreaming of Festival Season // Pt.One
1. Quickpitch Two Man Tent - £40 - NextI've heard really great things about this tent, as I'm pretty sure a friend of mine has the exact same one. I had a Quicksilver pop-up tent for years, but because it only uses pin and not ties, if it was windy it would concave in. Not good. This two man is pretty sturdy however.2. Gelert Folding Chair - £10 - NextFor a tenner, you just can't go wrong with this folding chair, which believe me, you will want at some point. 3. Gelert Sleeping Pod - £35 - NextMy biggest camping dilemma is sleeping. I fidget, A LOT. That means that a standard sleeping bag is way too narrow for me, gets twisted through the night and wakes me up multiple times. This 'sleeping pod', as a opposed to a sleeping bag - I think pod just sounds way cooler, is so much roomier by design. Love it!4. Stag Picnic Blanket - £36 - Urban OutfittersI couldn't not mention this piece of gorgeousness. It is a bit of a splurge, granted - but I thin the simple stag design will last you year upon year without being dated. Dreaming of Festival Season // Pt.One1. Vintage Floral Hipflask  //  2. Lush Shampoo Bar Tin  //  3. Hunter Festival Stud Short  //  4. Knee High Socks
Tips for Savvy Festival Camping

  • If there's a very high chance of rain, consider bringing a proper heavy duty blue tarpaulin with you and pegging it down over the top of your tent. So, so many tents just aren't waterproof after a few hours of drizzle. 
  • Don't take anything that you can't wash or else throw away without too much heartache. You're at the mercy of the weather and your fellow drunkard, so keep that in mind as you pack.
  • Imagine every possible thing that could go wrong, and plan for it. This means plasters, spare socks, duct tape, baby wipes, safety pins, and a stock pile of granola bars. 
  • Get there early and get a pitch as far away from the festival site as you can willingly walk. The closer you are, the more revellers you'll have wandering past you which means your pitch will turn into a mud swamp.
  • Make friends! This is actually the easiest way to avoid getting your stuff nicked, especially if you already aren't part of a massive group. If you're friendly with your camping neighbours they're more likely to keep a subconscious eye on potential robbers. 
  • Did I mention the baby wipes? 

Anything you can't live without at festivals? 

Dreaming of Festival Season // Pt.One

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