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Dream - Muntjack Sized Regurgitating Rat Barman

Posted on the 23 February 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
i) it was about the size of the Muntjack Deer I saw on yesterday afternoon's jog since the (triumphant) ten mile jog that did my knee in. I'm slowly getting back into my stride, as it were. Couple miles here, couple miles there. Running less on tarmac, more on grass where possible. Resting more in between runs. I'd got to the top of the hill, and there was the Muntjack in the bushes. It being winter, there was less cover than usual and I stopped and had a good look at it for seconds before it scampered away.
But this RAT. That's all it was, an actual rat? Or was it another talking performing animal/nature spirit in my dreamscape?
And speaking of 'spirits', it really knew its drinks, cocktails, you name it. There was no way to catch it out. It could 'create' any drink you requested. A simple beer or a really complicated Tequila sunrise, whiskey; anything. How it did this was DISGUSTING, of course.
It took the constituent parts of the drink, the hops the barley the sugar the water; drank them or ate them where necessary, swished them round in its stomach with a little rat belly dance, then regurgitated a PERFECT DRINK into its drinking glass before delivering it. And it tasted great, it tasted PERFECT.
Oh, the drinking glass; yeah the rat barman regurgitating thing actually emptied a bag of ground glass into its mouth, swallowed, did the belly dance, then regurgitated a fully formed scalloped drinking glass!

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