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Dream from September 15, 2001

By Spearcarrier @rainbowprophet
This dream happened in Bayonne, New Jersey.
In this dream there was a young man who resembled someone I'd been close to briefly. I named him Flower, but now I think perhaps it wasn't the same person. This dream does, however, mark the start of a very important point in my life: when the Fishbowl "found me" and decided to see if I was worthy of my post with them. That was a scarey time and my memories on it are very faint.  Mostly I was only aware that I was being tried and possibly convicted - an intergalactic "This is Your Life" scenario in which if it was judged I was still guilty, still a criminal, and still not worthy I would die a very physical death.
I lived to tell this tale, however....
 The details are sketchy; it began with us as lovers (early teenagers), me running away, me coming back. there was space travel, and something about me having to turn a wrench in order for the ship to continue its orbit around the moon to shoot back on its trajectory. Star Trek style.
There was a scene that frightened me, and I do mean me. Me as in, I know this part wasn't just a dream, and I was looking truth in the face and I could do nothing but stand there. And this part I remember better than the rest. Flower said, "I'll tell you what the readings are really about. They're talking about upcoming events, and THEY know who you are," ominously.
And before me, I got to see the High Council (the Council on High, the Fishbowl, the Intergalactic Idiots) in their bloody ringside seats. Does anyone remember the High Council? All those high mucky mucks sitting there in their officious dark blue/black robes, and they were all staring at me ... and their eyes ... were those wide, upward-slanted large eyes attributed to elves. Super large. And they were blank white and glowing ... no iris, no pupil, just those glowing mad whites focused on me ... staring at me ... aware of me after so damn long ... and not willing to let me out of their sight.
I remember one of them had brown hair, in the traditional 50's haircut for men, and others behind him, maybe he was a leader, he was sitting there ahead of the rest. But his eyes were the same.
And I stood there and looked back, put on the spot, afraid and feeling very small.
The rest was just personal details: some guy hounding me that I could never love ... unable to tell him that I had loved someone else, etc etc ... After shooting around the moon in my ship, coming back to visit Flower, who was older, and he told me that I'd been gone for years. I screamed, "Don't TELL me that! I CAN'T have been gone during all that time!" I woke up.
I woke up thinking I had to post the dream ... and then laying down for a nap, those eyes came before me again.
If you relate, then we can chat.

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