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Dream - Dreaming in Tandem - a Vertical Crack in Space

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
dream - dreaming in tandem - a vertical crack in space
I don't remember much about this morning's Civil War dream but I DO REMEMBER that in this dream there were TWO PEOPLE, there were two of us on a mission in like a crowded slum city and this city
was not on Earth.
I was accompanied by another person in the dream, a colleague or co-agent I know not, male or female I know not. There were a lot of street battles, with pistols. There was a scene in the back of a Chinese restaurant, where we seemed to be asking those who were eating to 'move to another table'. Very big grains of rice. Things were Earth-like but adjusted slightly for the scenario. It's not like I 'woke up' in the dream or had a 'lucid dream' or anything (there was no sensation of control) but I did not feel like this was taking place on my homeworld. I realize all dreams have this 'other worldly' quality but never have I felt so 'convinced' this was 'not Earth'.
I met The Controller of our mission in a red dress (no, not as intentionally sleazy as the Matrix red dress, but it was either in the back of the Chinese restaurant or in her own accommodation, can't remember which) and yes she had a colleague or partner of her own, too, sat beside her on a couch or behind a table. And, though I'm not a fan of this James Casbolt MiLab or off-world-assassination stuff, this dream did remind me that these covert-activity reports ALWAYS involve Psychic Backup or a Remote Viewer. In fact, never have I dreamt that this was NOT MY WORLD, figuratively and physically. I mean, the characters in the dream were definitely HUMAN, but the place just was wrong.
It was NOT EARTH, and I can't explain the feeling.
A red lamp post. That's how my colleague and I gained access to The Controller's accommodation towards the end of the dream. After going round a big box hedge, the red lamp post was outside the place. My dream partner had already gone through, and it was obvious what to do. You squat down at the lower, fatter, portion of the lamp post, the part that's painted RED and you push your forehead against it. You gotta get the angle just right and the height is important because it's a planar vector: a vertical crack in space with a direction component that just kinda folds real cosy and neat all around you like meat. There was a second one to go through to get to Mission End in The Controller's accommodation, in a connecting annex area, gravel floor. And I realised that even the lamp posts go in pairs. There color indicates direction. White to exit, red to enter.
Do you 'dream in tandem' (on another planet) and have you met your dream partner and/or controller?

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