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Drawing Sections on Our Car Sketch

By Luciano
Drawing sections on our car sketch Dear friends,
today I would like to talk a little about the importance of drawing sections on our car sketches. Here a quick sketch I did, with no design.
Just a demo about how to draw sections on our car sketch. Drawing sections is very important to understand what we are really drawing and how reflextions are going to play on our design body proposal, it is also a way to see and modifie our shapes to tune up better volumes and proportion details. This technique is something we learn in school usually using monochromatic prismacolor sketches or (like I did) with a Bic pen, with those sections drawing done in several perspectives and in some cases detailed we can help ourself while translating the 2D work in a 3D model in Clay or using Alias modeling software if we do it with a computer.
Drawing sections on a car sketch will tell us how is our plan section and side body development, so I encourage you to do it before starting your models and your final illustrations.

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