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Dramatic Landscapes By Tracey Kinniburgh

By Artscotland

Dramatic Landscapes By Tracey KinniburghTrees are a wonderful constant throughout our lives. We climb them on our first childhood adventures, we shelter under them for shade on summery picnics and we are saddened when eventually they succumb to either age or weather. Trees create spaces and scenery in a way that man-made structures cannot.Dramatic Landscapes By Tracey KinniburghAt Artery Gallery, we have recently started displaying the work of Tracey Kinniburgh. An Edinburgh College of Art graduate, Tracey is currently being inspired by the trees in the Scottish landscape. Cleverly working in a limited palette, Tracey Kinniburgh captures the silhouetted form of trees and uses them to frame the landscape around them. Areas of canvas are blocked in calming whites or greys, juxtaposing with the rich, turbulent skies that Tracey paints. This highlights to the viewer the safe cocoon that the branches of a tree provide.

To view Tracey’s full collection, please visit this link to our website,Tracey/1/
Dramatic Landscapes By Tracey Kinniburgh

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