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Dragony - Legends

Posted on the 01 August 2012 by Ripplemusic
Dragony - Legends
Intro here is powerful. Very large and foreboding keys and drum work. So far, so good. Closing my eyes and picturing hordes of elves swarming over some distant fields…and then…full on metal assault. Bang!  This is kick ass. Strength, and honor. High vocals and some definite helloween influenced music here.

 “Burning Skies” is a classic sounding metal masterpiece. Very driving  ,and totally intense guitar antics. This is really good, solid, strong, heavy metal. I’m suddenly becoming a bigger fan of the keyboard as a lead instrument. Vocals are impressive. I’m looking for a female counterpart on one of these songs like Kamelot. Chorus runs are excellent.

“Land Of Broken Dreams”,”Dragonslayer”, and “Wings Of the Night” are worthy mentions here. I’m hearing Riot, Sonata Artica influences as well. Total keyboard fest. Which is a good thing. When the guitar rips it does take the leads above and beyond.
It seems like this band has all the proper parts to make an incredible impact within the realms of heavy metal. Nothing should stop them from conquering the hearts and minds of the metal masses. The lyrics are intelligent and singable. I find this album to be one solid piece of rock. Very strong and refreshing. It will take you places if you just close your eyes and let the tapestry envelope you. Let Dragony take you away, high aloft leathery dragon wings, into the mist covered forests of metals greatest kingdom.
7 horns up on a 10 horn scale



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