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Draft Letter to Change Name in Bank Account and Update New Address in Passbook

Posted on the 28 December 2016 by Master Adviser - Share Ideas : @masteradviser

Draft letter to change name in bank account and update new address in Bank passbook



Following marriage, a woman mostly change her surname by adopting that of her in-laws. Thus, a change of name and address in the bank account becomes necessary. Also applicable for divorced or name change by deed poll. Women need to change their name on bank accounts, bank cards and check (/check) book, etc... A custom application letter to bank manager to be submitted in this regard, showing reason for changing name in bank account. You can either submit a handwritten letter on plain paper or you can type it in some word processor and take a print-out and sign. It is required if there is no pre-existing form available in the concerned bank for this purpose. Find here an application letter format for change of name in bank account after marriage. This template will help you how to write a letter to bank manager for change of name and address as below:



The Manager


Sub: Name change in bank account after marriage.

Ref: Bank Account no 1234567890 / customer identification no 987654


This is to inform you, I have savings account in your bank with the name before marriage as “Someone Special”. Now, after getting married, I have opted my husband’s surname and now known as “Someone Important”. Thus, I hereby request your good-self to kindly update my name in my bank account as “Someone Important”.

New Name be in Bank Account                                 Old Name in Bank Account

-------------------------------------------                                -------------------------------------

Someone Important                                                 Someone Special

I also request you to update my new address as mentioned below:

My New Address be in Bank Account                     Old Address in Bank Account

--------------------------------------------                            ---------------------------------------

123/WF ABCD Street                                              321/LR DDCA Apptt.

Any Address line 2                                                  Old Address line 2

ND 223133                                                              ND 223199

Please find enclosed my new ID Proofs [document* reflecting name change and new address] as well as copy of self-declared affidavit in support of this name change in my bank account and address change in my bank account.

Further, I also request you to issue a fresh check (/check) book as well as a fresh bank card with the new name in my bank account. Please don't forget to notify me on this update.

Therefore, I request your good-self to take necessary steps at earliest convenience.

Thanking you in anticipation,


[Your signature]

Someone Important
[Your contact no]

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