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Draft Application for Applying for a Translation Or Caption/subtitle Job

Posted on the 15 November 2019 by Master Adviser - Share Ideas : @masteradviser

Sample application letter for applying for a translation or caption/subtitle job



This is a business plan sample letter for those who are trying to establish in Translation as full time or part-time freelance profession. This is a draft letter is useful in submitting job application published in various translation-related websites. 

-- Quote --

Hello dear sir,

I am an educated and experienced English to Bengali (India) translator and subtitle editor. I do translate with quality (well-written with comment's). My works are well appreciated.

Bengali is my native language. I have sound command over the language (read, write, speak, comprehend).

I have the required skills. Please find attached my resume for your kind perusal.


--Unquote --

Some advice(s):

  • If you are new to this profession, It is advised to check the publishers' profile online before start working. There are a thousand fraudulent posts published regularly. Check feedback on them. Else, you will not get paid for your hard work. 
  • Best to ask for a PO from your client/recruiter each time. Ask for less work in each batch at the beginning until you get paid. This way you both (you and your clients) build trust with each other.
  • AND never ever fall in the trap of submitting large sample translation. Some people take a job and distribute via various routes, collects and submits as owner. But, due to poor quality, they don't get paid. So as you. Don't engage in such activity ever.
  • Some agencies collect in the name of evaluation to qualify for the project. Beware... Don't fall into the trap. Don't do more than 4/5 standard sentences as sample work.


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