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Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese Cuisine

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
The visit to JRG Halad Museum made me hungry. Not because I associate music and musical instruments with food, but because it was almost lunch time. Where's a good, cheap place to eat downtown? My brain cells work extra fast and grasp this memory: reading about a Chinese restaurant in Brennan's blog Baktin Corporation. My fingers work extra, extra fast and dial Brennan's number. After all the pleasantries, I get to the point...
Mustachio: Bren, I need directions for Mingnan, that Chinese carenderia I read in your blog.Brennan: When facing Metro Gaisano Colon, turn left and go straight. It's two or three blocks from Metro. After about two or three blocks, turn right at a small street, a street where it looks like you would most likely get mugged.
Ha ha. Nice description Brennan. That doesn't scare me from looking for Mingnan. When I get to Metro Gaisano Colon, I realize there are two "lefts"—Colon St. and Osmeña Blvd.—so my friends and I play ask-random-people-for-directions game. That didn't result in anything. And then I remember Babe for Food, the blog I rely on when it comes to food. How could I have forgotten her? Justinne aka Babe for Food wrote about the same place two years ago! I send an SOS message and, thankfully, hear back from her with complete directions and some tips on what to order. Yay!
Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese Cuisine 
When we spot Mingnan Chinese Cuisine, I mentally raise my fist in the air, yes! And get a pleasant surprise upon stepping in—it's air conditioned! (Being greeted by a blast of cool air after walking downtown at noon, you'd be ecstatic, too.)
Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
Too bad, none of the dishes Justinne mentioned in her text message were available. But I am not complaining, what's available looked good too. I did not bother asking for the names of the dishes, my friends and I just pointed to whatever looked delicious.
Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese CuisineLinat-an baboy (pork stew)
Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese CuisineDowntown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese CuisineClockwise from bottom left: tofu, tomatoes with egg, fried chicken, mushrooms
A plate of one rice and two viands costs only Php50. My friends and I were very happy with our lunch; flavorful food for just Php50, now who wouldn't be happy? You, Mingnan, were worth bugging Brennan and Justinne for.
Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
Plaridel Ext., Cebu City
(032) 253 5522 / 511 8400
Daily 830AM to 10PM
Downtown Food Hunt: Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
How Mingnan makes Mustachio want to go back to the most-likely-to-get-mugged-in street:
Meal (one rice and two viands) Php 50
Soup Php... I forgot
Softdrinks Php 15

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