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Downton Abbey Recap Mondays - Episode 6

Posted on the 14 February 2012 by Kena @campchic


Episode 6 click here

Best Line said by Mrs. Patmore: "He understands, he knows this is just the sprat to catch the mackerel"

Episode 6 was full of misbehavings. Let's start off with the creepy Sir Richard Carlisle who asked Anna to spy on Lady Mary. The more this Joker shows up on the screen the more I dislike him. I'm hoping the writers of the show have plans for his demise. Sooner rather than later.

Was anyone else yelling at the screen when Lord Grantham got all kissy face with the new house maid Jane?! I was yelling "don't you kiss that floozie Lord Grantham". I told ya we had to watch this chick. I suspect she'll be trying something even more daring in episode 7. 

And then there was Major Bryant's Father. What a bully? Yelling at poor Ethel. What proof would she have that your son sired her child? It's 1920 foo, DNA testing wasn't even invented yet. I wish someone would have knocked is block for yelling at Ethel and they way he spoke to his wife. 

Lady Sybil and Branson the Chauffeur finally kissed. I really don't like this match. I feel like Branson is forcing his feelings onto Lady Sybil. Girl, really think about running off with this Dude. He's a rebel and doesn't have much money. If you do run off with him make sure he puts a ring on it.

Thomas was up to his shady tricks again. This "Cat" middle name is shady. He's always trying to get something for nothing. This time his ventures didn't pay off as expected.

The big news of the evening is that Matthew can stand and Lavinia is clumsy. We discovered Matthew's ability to stand when Lavinia lost her balanced while carrying a tea tray. Really Lavinia, you can't even handle a light tray without taking out half of the Library. C'mon Matthew you can do better. And by "better" I mean Lady Mary!

Until episode 7......Laters! 

 Anna & Mr. Bates



Ethel and her baby Charlie



Matthew and Lavinia



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