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Download Live Event Blaster Pro Free

Posted on the 13 September 2016 by Checkingseofreebies
Get Live Event Blaster Pro Free Download. YouTube Live event manager that helps you to schedule a live event on YouTube. Easily index your YouTube live event automatically to make it rank higher. Your videos are automatically being promoted by YouTube itself and you can get free live event promotion on YouTube. You can watch videos regarding live event blaster review to get more about this tool.Difference between Events and Videos After you publish an item that item becomes an EVENT. Events rank very good, sometimes better than videos. An EVENT remains an EVENT until the schedule date (the date you set when adding a new item) passes. After that, if you never stream the video file, the event will be deleted from YouTube. If you Stream a video file to the event, once the streaming finishes, the EVENT transforms to a normal YouTube VIDEO.
Some users prefer to only publish events, with a Date set to more than 1 month, and simply let it stay like that, and never stream a video (or stream exactly when the event finishes). In this way, the event can rank and maintain it’s ran for 1 month period. You can publish as many events as you want in every day, the more you publish, the better the chance you rank them.
You can view EVENTS by going to your YouTube Dashboard and clicking on “Live Streaming” in the left and then clicking on Events. You can view your VIDEOS by going to your YouTube dashboard and clicking on ‘Video Manager” in the left. 
Download Live Event Blaster Pro Free

Download Live Event Blaster Pro Free

File Size: 24MBPrice: FreeCheckingseo Freebies

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