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Downfalls of Being a Pit Bull Advocate

By Brenda @PibblesNHeathen
I woke up this morning in a terribly sad mood. It comes every now and again, especially when I feel helpless; when things are beyond my means; and out of my control.
See part of being a pit bull momma and advocate brings much love and joy to my life. Titan rescuing ME is the best thing that has happened in my life. That's right, sorry hubs. I still love you.... But there are downfalls of being a pit bull momma and advocate.

Pit Bull Black and White

Pit Bull Black and White (Photo credit: pwcorgigirl)

When friends, family, and the community realize your admiration of the breed, they contact you at times. Times when they hear about a pit bull who is in a shelter and will be killed within so many days, simply because of his "breed" and/or his "appearance". I get contacted on Twitter, Facebook, text, and phone. They share pictures with me of these beautiful and innocent dogs that just need to be loved. Society (as cruel and inhumane) as it is, condemns these dogs and sentences them to death (even if they dog has never done any harm).
I'm sure some of you heard about the story of Lennox. A 7 year old pit bull in Ireland who was ripped from his family and is being sentenced to death, simply because he was tagged as a "pit bull". In reality, he isn't a pit bull at all. He is a "bully" breed but his DNA shows he is an American Bulldog & Labrador mix. You can read more about Lennox's story here, SAVE LENNOX. .
Being the lover of pit bulls that I am, I feel honored that people reach out to me to help them, yet it also is devastating to me because I am helpless. About the best I can do is refer them to a pit bull no-kill shelter in the area. Those I know that have pit bulls are pretty maxed out. I, personally, don't have the means to take another in, otherwise I would have a farm of them. (1) I work full-time during the day; (2) Titan is quite a handful in himself and is still undergoing training and rehabilitation; (3) Even if I had the means, I don't believe Titan would accept another animal in the house; (4) I don't have the space to crate animals, even if I believed in crating (which I don't); (5) I don't have the means outside to adequately house anymore pit bulls (or animals at that).

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, ...

(Photo credit: Beverly & Pack)

It puts me between a rock and a hard place. Unless you contact the shelters I refer you to, there's really not much I can do to help. This is what is devastation to me. It rips my heart into a thousand pieces. I get upset and depressed because I can not help. It wears on my heart, my conscious. It angers me at society. These supposedly (mostly Christian) God loving people would be so hateful towards one of God's creatures! It makes one lose faith in humans.
I have lost faith in humans. Honestly, there are very few that I like so if you're one of the few I talk to, feel honored. I would save an animals (especially a pit bull) before I would a human. Does that make me a monster? Am I too inhumane? Possibly in the eyes of some, but SOCIETY has made me this way. The lack of compassion for one of God's creatures is appauling. I am disgusted with society and their self-imposed God-like figures. These who make these laws against pit bulls, and the majority of them don't like any kind of dog.
It's truly disheartening at what so called humans do just to feel powerful. They can not control humans so they try to control animals. This also takes form in dog fighting. Might I remind you of Michael Vick and Bad Newz Kennels? Yes, some of us will never forget and never forgive those heinous acts.
So yes, I am an advocate of pit bulls and if I did have the means, I would have my own rescue................................. but until then, I can merely suggest alternative options, shelters, no-kill kennels for these misfortunate pit bulls. My heart will forever be tearing until I can do something.........................or until society realizes that these dogs aren't to blame. It's time to hold the owners accountable, so people like myself can sleep at night, peacefully, knowing that today another pit bull was saved and can live his/her life as was intended. Right along the side of a responsible owner, a pack leader, a companion, a loving friend.

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