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By Blairbarnes
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I work at a Thai restaurant and we have to take to go orders and pack
them as well as serving.. Today I forgot a pack of rice for this togo
order. The guy called back and have asked for me to deliver the rice
to his office (10 mins away) because he couldn’t leave. I felt bad but
I had no one that could leave to bring him his rice. I told him I’m
sorry and I really couldn’t leave as I’m working with a new girl, and
noone else would just drive out to bring a pack of rice. I told him I
could either give him credit towards his next visit (a free meal) or
if he comes I will give him a discount. He got really mad at me and
said I need to fix my mistake and this is not how I do it.

He ended up coming and I took 20 bucks off his 64 bucks ticket, but he
wouldn’t get over it. He kept going on at me and he asked does this
happen often. I told him it’s not often but unfortunately sometimes I
make mistakes and I did not intentionally not give him the pack of
rice. He said yes but other restaurant will fix this better. You have
wasted my time for me having to drive all the way back. He kept going
on and on about how poorly I’ve tried to fix the whole situation, this
is unacceptable….

I’ve had enough of him at this point and he snapped me off so I got
really mad and I asked him. So which restaurant actually delivers food
to you when they made a mistake. He looked at me and he didn’t have an
answer. Then he said, well I don’t have this exact thing happened to
me before. Well you just said other restaurants would do so!!!

He kept on with his spiel that I should have just brought it to him. I
told him sir I REALLY WOULD HAVE DONE IT IF I COULD. but I really
couldn’t. There was no way i can just leave my coworker who is working
on her second day to be all by herself. SERIOUSLY WHAT ELSE DO YOU
WANT ME TO DO. I already have taken money of you bill and I am really
sorry. I understand that you probably have a short lunch and it’s
frustrating that you had to drive here, but I can’t do nothing more
that what i am now. Then he asked why i’m yelling at him.. I told him
no I’m not yelling at you, I am raising my voice but I’m just trying
to explain to you and you just wouldn’t get over it! I told him that I
am going to give my boss’s number and have him call him right now to
complain about me and see what my boss will do at this situation.
(this is a disadvantage of working at a family restaurant when you
boss is never around to deal with dumbass customers)

He finally left tho. His facial expression was priceless. He was so
surprised that I actually said something back in that voice tone. He
must have also got really scared at one point because I looked like I
was going to bring it outside to the parking lot.

I understand the frustration when I order something and I don’t get
what I ordered. I sincerely was sorry and I took off 20 bucks off his
bill. The whole order was correct except for a rice. Everyone of us
has made some mistakes at some point. I bet he has made mistake at his
dumbass office job. I didn’t know why he kept going on and on at me. I
never argued or yelled at a customer before but he really ticked me
off and I couldn’t control my anger no more..

p.s. I would love for you guys to share any yelling at customer
stories. =)

- Tired Of Serving

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