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Double Boil Orange Remedy (寒咳)

By Rumblingtummy @RumblingTummi
I caught some bugs during my March holiday, just 2 days before I ended an all girls' trip and it took me a long time to get well.  
Just before I can shake off that cough bug, I caught it once again during the FHA and this time, I even had fever.   So more or less, my cough lasted nearly a month!
Finally I went to consult TCM as the antibiotics were giving me cold sweat.  According to him, I still have that heat element in my body and that explains the fever but yet I am having cold cough (寒咳).
After 2 doses of herbal medicine, now at least I don’t feel that I am trapped with the fever but that naggy cough still persist.  Was too busy to go down to the TCM to queue.
I decided to give this old recipe, that was circulating as far back as in 2011, a try, Double Boil Orange remedy.  After all, I don't think will have side effect with just an orange.
Guess what, after a dose, my phlegm seems to dislodge from my respiratory tract and I am no longer coughing that much!
So today, I went ahead to prepare another portion, just to ensure that I can healed completely.
Give this a try if you are experiencing persistent cough with phlegm that is white.  If your phlegm is green, then please go see a doctor!
Disclaimer: this works for me but if you are suffering from chronic respiratory problem, please consult doctor.
Double boil Orange Remedy (寒咳)
What you need:
1 orange1 + ½ tsp salt
Soak the orange with 1 tsp of salt and water.  This is to remove whatever is coated in the orange.
Scrub clean.
Cut the top off, approx 1" from the stem tip.
Place orange in a bowl.  
Put ½ tsp salt on the orange.
Slit the orange as much as possible for it to release the juice.  You can use either chopstick but I used a knife.  Make sure orange is not puncture on the bottom.
Place bowl with orange in a pot of water.  
Cover the orange with the "orange cover".
Turn on heat and let it double boil for 10 mins.  
Remove and squeeze out the juice. (I did not take the pulp)
Drink the warm juice.
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