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Dots Recommends: The Vibes, Hannah Scott & Jonny Stemp

Posted on the 27 April 2014 by Music Vstheworld @musicvstheworld

It’s Sunday evening, and I don’t know about you, but I really want some new music in my life. I love what I know, but occasionally some new blood is required, no? I don’t mean that in the vampirical sense, I promise. Ahem. Anyway…! I’ve got three bands/artists to recommend to you tonight…

If dirty, rythmic guitar, deep, powerful vocals and bluesy bass undertones rock your world, then wrap your ears around the music of The Vibes.

The Vibes - Front EP (Finished)

The band’s second EP, “Dust Trail” was released on 23rd April, and is available for purchase on bandcamp.

As well as the Blues, there are nods towards punk rock within The Vibes’ music – think The Clash crossed with BRMC, and you’re pretty much there.

Here’s my favorite track from the EP, “Bad News” – Among other things, I love the way Darren McGrath lingers on the “s” at the end of “news”. Hey, the devil’s in the detail!

Get in touch with The Vibes in the following zones:





If what you’re after tonight is to relax after a weekend racing around, or even a cure for that Saturday induced hangover, then look no further than the gentle yet rousing tunes of Hannah Scott.

hannah scott

Hannah has just released her second EP on the Casa Music label, “The Space In Between”, complete with a launch gig at The Garage in London, which went very well indeed by all accounts!

The EP is made up of five melodic folk pop songs with the crowning glory of Hannah’s distinctive, extremely eloquent (I love it when I can understand the lyrics without having to read them, but I digress) vocal. These songs burst into life with an exuberance and vigour that is a joy to witness.

Here’s the final track on the EP, “My Dad and I”. This is the most upbeat song, and I especially love Scott’s country style vocals, and the lovely sentiment within the lyrics. Rather delightful.

Check out more of Hannah’s work here, and send her a message if that’s your thing!





Blimey-o-reilly, people, and knock me down with a feather. Almost a month ago, I received an email from a lad by the name of Jonny Stemp asking if I’d be interested in listening to his music.

jonny stemp

I’m not sure what took me so long – perhaps it’s the fact that most of the songs on his soundcloud account are covers, which I’m not generally keen on (sorry!). However, there’s one original song nestled in the middle entitled “We’ll Find Out”, and my goodness it is rather beautiful. You know those songs that hit you inbetween the eyes, ears and shoulderblades all at the same time? Well, this is one of them. His voice is incredible, and his overall style beautifully simple. I’m a sucker for just a vocal with a piano for an accompaniment. I don’t need to say more – the song speaks for itself.

I’m sharing with you, simply because I fell in love with it and could listen over and over again. I would love to hear more original songs from you please, Mr Stemp!

Hopefully that will happen soon, but in the meantime, follow Jonny’s progress here:




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