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Dots Jukebox: Bitterness, 12th February 2016 #MusicIsEverything #DotsJukebox

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Music Vstheworld @musicvstheworld

Artist Song Suggested By

Joe Jackson Is She Really Going Out With Him? @skylarkingmatt

Ben Folds Five Song for the Dumped @chasethegroove

Cornershop Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast @indieover40

Marvin Gaye Heard it Through the Grapevine @musicvstheworld

Jill Sobule Bitter @rosbif65

Lush Hypocrite @paulie9461

Jesse Macht Broken Faith @c_picturesofyou

Paul Weller Bitterness Rising @stamfordcowboy

The Happy Mondays Tart Tart @davidkbruce

Green Day Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) @lindy_lou2

Joe Walsh Rosewood Bitters @scottp68

Porcupine Tree Feel So Low @lamauvaisepente

Theory of a Deadman Hate My Life @anxiousflag

Wilco Jesus, etc @richard0x4a

English Dogs Hate Song @guitartutorrich

Star Turn on 45 Pints Pump Up the Bitter @bringitonskippy

Amy Winehouse Best Friends, Right? @musicvstheworld

The Magnetic Fields Bitter Tears @beardedsteven

Timon The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane @durutti74

Kristofer Åström How Can You Live With Yourself? @call_me_micha

The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony @barnstudiosigns @danthompson78

Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street @jenbren1976

PJ Harvey Rid of Me @musicvstheworld

The Bluetones Don’t Stand Me Down @neilthekid

Roxy Music Bitter-Sweet @ladyofsonnets66

The Offspring Spare Me the Details @miftin81

Skunk Anansie Hedonism @nostalgicpus

Able Tasmans Sour Queen @riverboatcapt

Ween Baby Bitch @grantsales

Pernice Brothers Clear Spot @darrenmjones

Rival Schools Undercovers On @jonesrl86

McAlmont & Butler Yes @captain_parsnip

Ugly Kid Joe Everything About You @staffs75

Placebo Bitter End @katienana09

Etta James I’d Rather Go Blind @musicvstheworld

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