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Doro - Under My Skin

Posted on the 22 August 2012 by Ripplemusic
Doro - Under My Skin
   2 cds
   30 tracks

   As for me I would tell you that this is still not enough of the great and legendary Doro Pesch! This release will feature some timeless classic cuts like, "All We Are", " I Rule The Ruins", and "Angel in the Dark". Alongside  these gems are some great lyrics from one of the female voices in metal.  I had the personal joy of meeting Doro in New Jersey at a metal fest along with testament and virgin steele. This was at the height of the American grunge movement and the crowd was lackluster at best for all bands.  She was the nicest and fan focused musician I have ever met. It is her dedication to this art of metal that sets her apart. Her lifelong pursuit of metal  integrity and honor is a tribute to her own perseverance.
   Doro answered the call many years ago and still holds that flag high. Each song here does not reflect changing times or attitudes. This is not a sellout hit maker. this is a purist in the finest sense of the word. The musicianship she assembles around her powerhouse vocals is second to none. Her sense of timing and flow in the lyric department is noteworthy. I always enjoyed how she wraps her almost harsh vocals around such delicate melody. Doro is truly an artist. Her canvas is steel and her paint is the color of metal. 

   These songs and some hidden treasures, are a testament to her staying power. When the wall of metal fame is constructed someday, it will be her songs and her spirit that will help keep it standing. This was one of the easiest reviews I have done, simply because I already had most of these songs. In addition to the standout tracks already mentioned I would recommend "Breaking the Law", and "Lonely wolf", as must listens.

   You must have these two cds in your collection not because it seems like it will be good. No, you will buy this collection because it is beyond good. 30 songs on two discs may seem like a lot but it is well worth it. This is a historical metal anthology of a woman who has sacrificed her life to bring you pure hard, and heavy, unassuming, heavy metal.

10 horns on my 10 horns up scale.

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