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Doogie White & La Paz - The Dark And The Light

Posted on the 05 June 2013 by Ripplemusic
Doogie White & La Paz - The Dark And The Light
Classic deep purple homage in the opening track. Pure rock and heavy metal vibe ripping through the speakers.  Good, crisp, production. 70's free type of sound with a solid modern metal edge. I'm enjoying this opening track. "Little Black Book Of Songs" excellent opener. These vocals are amazing. Here is what fans of hard rock have been searching for. A fine introduction to the band and Doogie's vocal prowess. Powerful, cutting, guitar and vocal driven.

   One thing about La Paz, they are a solid rock band. "Don't Drink with The Devil". There is a truth to that title. These vocals are awesome. Strong and bluesy in conviction, this is badlands and Blackfoot kicked up several notches. Tight and Free spirited. They have captured a live essence to the songs on this disc.
   This band is a tribute to raw, pounding heavy rock. Every vocal note is carefully placed. Tracks like "Old habits Die Hard" and " Burlesque" the band settles in nice and tight for a master class in classic rock and roll. Keyboards sound amazing here.

  "De La Luz" is a sonic masterpiece in musical instrumentals. I'm feeling a zeppelin meets deep purple vibe here. So cool that this band is capable of producing an instrumental which isn't the usual guitar driven self indulgence.( And as a guitarist I always ask for more guitar)  "Devil In Disguise" contains every facet of what it takes to make a diamond of a tune. Strong in its homage to classic rock and yet full of modern edge life. The guitar solo here is simply awe inspiring. The vocals hit the stratosphere in range and powerful delivery.

   "Lonely are the Brave" The ballad. catchy and moving. Crisp and clear production. Would love to see this one played live. Very well done. "Men Of War" has this epic, "Kashmir-esque riff that is heart pounding. Nicely done. What a vehicle for Doggie's vocals to really carry forth the message. "The Fallen" is another great tune. I can't believe the musical journey this band has just taken me on. I think over all the album holds its intensity. Throughout all the tracks there is an underlining feeling of a band well versed in classic heavy rock hit making. I think that all the parts are equally well played and produced. This is songwriting and music making the way they used to make it.  I can set this album down alongside anything that has come out in the past twenty years and it will stand tall. A damn good album. The title of the album is exactly what you get. All encompassing power songs . Get this one. Play it loud!

10 horns up on the 10 horn scale

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