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Donuts Sells Around 800 Two Character New gTLD’s Domains In The Early Access Program

Posted on the 16 September 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

According to Donuts they sold around 800 Two Character New gTLD’s domain names in its Early Access Program (EAP) which ended yesterday.

Donuts released around 200,000 Two Character New gTLD’s domain names last week,  meaning domain names that are two letters (LL), a letter and a number (LN), a number and a letter (NL) and two numbers (NN).

The Early Access Program allowed customers to register domain name head of General Availability for an extra fee.

General Availability of two Character New gTLD’s domain names on Donuts extensions started today where domain names can be registered on a first come, first served basis.

It should be noted that do to the fact that many two letter domain names are also ccTLD’s not all two letter domain names are available to be registered if the underlying country of a ccTLD objected,  but that is outside of Donuts control.  Most notably missing from the two letter domain name availability  are those starting in “MY”  however other words like “We” and “Ad” as well as ‘TV” are available.

Under the EAP program customers paid up to $10,000 wholesale to get domain names on day 1 of EAP plus the fee the domain registrar charged.  It should also be noted that many two character domain names are premium domain names which carry a premium registration and renewal fee.

We did notice at least 20 day 1 EAP registrations last week, which the retail cost was up to $12,500 each plus any premium registration fee including which we registered on day 1 of EAP

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