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Donald Trump on the Second Amendment and Carl Rove

Posted on the 15 July 2015 by Mikeb302000
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
AmmoLand: Karl Rove recently voiced support for arepeal of the Second Amendmentas a way to stop gun violence. What do you think of this suggestion or, as our readers believe, is it a God given right that can not be repealed by politicians? Donald Trump:
“Karl Rove is a proven loser. He wasted $400 million in 2012 and did not win a single race.

“The Second Amendment is a bedrock natural right of the individual to defend self, family, and property.  It is a ridiculous notion to ever repeal it.”

“For Rove to even think it shows a lack of respect for all of the freedoms in our Constitution and a complete ignorance of our shared American inheritance.”

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