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Donald Trump Has Just Been Hit Up in The Song Titled "Illegitimate President" From Del FunkBoy Music

Posted on the 02 February 2017 by Loup Dargent @loup_dargent

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"With a hip beat and a sound that can rock a club, the words have the most impact. This song is well worth a listen to, as it stands for truth and what is wrong with Donald Trump. Whether a supporter or not, Delray's song is well researched and cannot be denied. While so much current music has no message, nor does it make us to think intellectually, this song will definitely strike a chord in everyone...."

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017 , the most controversial song since Tupac's Hit'em Up, ' Illegitimate President' was released worldwide by Platinum-selling and award winning music artist, Delray of Del FunkBoy Music, LLC.
The song calls into question Donald Trump's legitimacy as president. Within its lyrics, Delray has cleverly woven a tale of Donald Trump's hypocrisies.

From Trump's lack of military service to his claim of voter fraud, this song embodies everything that is wrong with Trump being the President of the United States:

Thank you, thank you for your applause,

We got a illegitimate president y'all....

....he like to grab women by their vagina

Without their permission, please just listen...

Liar liar pants on fire Mr. Birther of fake news but now it's coming for you...

"When he got drafted he was scared to fight

He said he had a splint heel(coward)

but got the nerve to talk about soldiers who suffered for real

from post traumatic stress syndrome...

he even said that the system was rigged

but now that he's president,

Corruption-ruption what's your function he

got some new tricks and we love those nude pics...

He even encouraged the Russians to hack his own government

and stood behind the podium lovin it...

Donald Trump Has Just Been Hit Up in The Song Titled

The Video:

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