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Don’t Worry, It’s All in Hand!

By Dtwobrokegirls @dtwobrokegirls

Does the idea of traveling with only one bag, i.e. your hand luggage, freak you right out?

It used to with me, because I am not a person known for traveling lightly, so the idea of having to pack a capsule wardrobe actually brought me out in cold sweats!

If this sounds like you, I’m sure you’re in good company, but like most things in life, things are often more worrying before you do them, and once they’re completed, you wonder what all the fuss was about!


Travel suitcase black, red, blue and white


My little drama came about when I realised that booking a suitcase onto my return flight was going to cost me £40 more, and money was a little tight. I was trying to save as much as possible, because I’ll admit this was an unplanned getaway that I couldn’t really justify, but I thought ‘what the hell’, and booked it anyway! I’d booked my Edinburgh Airport parking spot on top of my cheap last minute flight, so I’d managed to save on the cost of public transport, thanks to the great rates on airport parking with ParkBCP, and I was looking for other ways to make myself feel better about this rather spontaneous holiday.

It turned out that only using hand luggage really did work to my advantage, and if you can manage to be ruthless and very realistic, it’s entirely possible, even for a clothes-horse like me!

Certain airlines do let you take more in the way of hand luggage than others, so if you can be a little choosy with who you fly with, this is more possible. I flew with Easy Jet, who don’t put a weight allowance on your hand luggage, and simply state that your case or bag cannot exceed their specified measurements. Believe me, you will be amazed what you can fit in a cabin trolley!

Monarch offer 10kg for certain flights, as do Jet 2, and there are others who offer more in the way of cabin luggage, so check the restrictions and allowances before you decide who to book with.

Once I’d got my cabin case out, stared at it pitifully, and looked at the pile of things I was planning to take with me, it was time to be ruthless. Now, a capsule wardrobe is generally about mixing and matching, and I found that dressing up simple outfits with jewellery, as well as traveling in my heaviest boots and jacket, meant I could fit more in. I also got all my toiletries at the airport, and you simply have to be a little careful with any liquids you do pack in your case, such as foundation and other makeup, because of the 100ml rule.

It can be done!

If you’re going away for a longer period of time, probably any more than a week, then obviously you’re going to need to take the plunge and book a suitcase, but for anything less, it’s certainly a money saving consideration.

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