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Don’t Worry

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

The problem is this…there isn’t a problem. You’ve simply been creating the illusion of drama for yourself all along. Ask your ‘self’ why this or that is a problem for you. The reality of the way things are directly impacts your sense of self. The problem comes when ‘you’ think something isn’t the way it ought to be.

Well the “way it out to be” is a fictional reality created by your finite mind. This fictional story you’ve been telling yourself has one goal – to maintain the fiction of your ‘self’ which you think you are. When reality reflects your expectations of it your illusory self is bolstered into taking its provisional reality for truth.

If you can let go of your attachment to your conceptual framework of a separate self there is no problem. Your sense of self creates problems sense it isn’t congruent with the way things are in their naked ‘is-ness’. ‘Self’ and the mental dilemma fueled by anxiety about its existence is a closed system. Neither exists without the other.

Let go of ‘self’ and open yourself up to the limitless expanse of the possibilities of consciousness. Don’t worry about yourself. There is no problem only freedom to embrace awareness and the majestic experience of its infinitness.

No ‘self’ no problem, no problem no worry. ‘Self’ is a filter that blocks out all but a narrow band of ‘what is’ and attempts to hedge that corner of reality into a ‘self’ affirming conceptual worldview.

Om, Ram Ram Ram…

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