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Don't Vote: Allah Says Not To

Posted on the 22 April 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.

don't voteI want to thank our friend, k, for alerting me to this story out of the United Kingdom.
Apparently some of the more Sharia-minded Muslims, in protest of democracy and the coming elections next month, are putting up signage in British cities demanding:
Don't Vote. 
None have the right to legislate except Allah.
The full text beneath reads:
Democracy is a system whereby man violates the right of Allah and decides what is permissible or impermissible for mankind, based solely on their whims and desires.  This leads to a decayed and degraded society where crime and immorality becomes widespread and injustice becomes the norm.  Islam is the only real, working solution for the UK.  It is a comprehensive system of governance where the laws of Allah are implemented and justice is observed.
No one doubts that Sharia is comprehensive.  In fact, that is precisely the problem.  It is a tad too comprehensive.  Furthermore, I do not know that chopping off body parts, as a matter of law, is something that people of good will can reasonably disagree upon.
The Daily Mail tells us:
Posters telling Muslims not to vote in the election were plastered across an area of Cardiff yesterday.
They read: 'Democracy is a system whereby man violates the right of Allah.'
Posters were stuck on lampposts and bus stops across the Grangetown suburb telling the Muslim electorate: 'Islam is the only real workable solution for the UK'.
Cardiff Council have begun removing the posters, dubbed 'chilling' and 'threatening' by locals.  
And once again the unspoken tension between the multicultural ideal and the ideal of universal human rights reveals its wrenched face.
Those more influenced by the noble ideal of multiculturalism will tend to shrug this kind of thing off.  Yes, a small percentage of "extremist" Muslim immigrants into Europe wish to transpose al-Sharia upon the UK and the continent.  So what?  The fact is that the great majority of Arab-Muslim immigrants into European countries are involved in no such efforts.  They just want to live their lives, raise their kids, make a few bucks and, like the rest of us, be left the hell alone to pursue their own interests.
If this were a few years ago I would have left it at that.  But it is not a few years ago.  In recent years we have witnessed the rise of political Islam, which is a pernicious, violent, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Gay, and anti-feminist, political movement, throughout the Middle East.  This movement - in its current iteration as derived from Obama's ballyhooed "Arab Spring" - has given us the Islamic State (IS) or ISIS or ISIL, or whatever you want to call this heinous thing, but whatever you call it these people represent the most brutal and savage political organization that I have seen in my lifetime.
I mean, really, burying children alive??
What kind of moral monsters commit such acts and in the name of the deity, no less?
So, yes, we need to stand up against the rise of al-Sharia, like we would need to stand up against the rise of any fascist ideology that seeks the widespread murder and oppression and persecution of the despised and inferior other.

And if you think that the Islamic State does not actually represent significant trends in Islamic jurisprudence - and therefore does not in any way represent juridical Islam - have you checked the Saudi justice system lately?
The great irony of the anti-Jewish / anti-Israel / pro-Palestinian / pro-BDS movement is that they claim to stand for universal human rights, but the fact is that they could not care less about universal human rights or social justice or civil liberties or whatever banners they fly above their heads.
If they honestly cared about social justice they would stand against political Islam.
They do not.
The tragedy of the muddle-headed western-left, in terms of this issue, is that because they allow BDS into their institutions, they thereby undermine their very ideological reason to be and, in doing so, chase away Jewish support and frustrate the possibility for reform within Islam.
When the western-left opposes apostates like Ayaan Hirsi Ali they oppose reform within Islam.
This is a mistake.

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