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Don’t “Super Size Me”

Posted on the 28 September 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

Don’t “Super Size Me”

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In 2004, America was hit with a very informative, and painfully truthful documentary about the health risks of fast food restaurants, and more specifically, the fast food king, McDonalds. This film was surprisingly successful making over 11.5 million dollars. Not only was this movie a financial success, but it also had a successfully lasting impact on society. Ranking number one, on the top ten list of movies that changed the world, it’s safe to say Super Size Me is definitely one of the movies to stir a reaction within society. So what was society’s reaction to this “life changing” production?

I will begin with a little back-story. Morgan Spurlock, the star actor of the movie, was not afraid of offending anyone with the harsh truth. Spurlock personally experienced eating solely McDonald’s food for one month, while professional doctors documented all the negative effects it had on him physically and mentally. Movie viewers were able to witness the real life weight gain, cholesterol spikes, and liver failure, along with the depression this fast food caused Spurlock to experience. Needless to say, the effects definitely opened society’s eyes.

As a result of the film, Americans began to think differently about what they were choosing to eat. The movie forced many individuals to think more responsibly. Soon after the film, Americans began to demand more from their beloved fast food chain. For Instance, McDonalds was quick to eliminate the supersize option from the menu. Moreover, other healthy choices such as the Adult Kids Meal, with the options of a side salad, bottle water, and pedometer was introduced to the menu.

This was exactly the type of reaction Spurlock was hoping for. In an interview Spurlock said, “People walked out saying, I need to pay more attention to what I eat. I need to pay better attention to how I live. I need to exercise more.” This is just more proof of the positive reaction society had to this movie.

Therefore, after learning more about how people reacted to this movie, I think it is safe to say Super Size Me definitely had a positive impact on society.

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