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Don't Say Cheese

By Desiree68 @pullyoursocksup
Most of us keep our passport photos under lock and key and will only produce them on pain of death.
Of course we blow the dust off them when it's time to travel, secure a bank account, secretly check how much we've aged since the last pic was taken ... blah, blah, blah.
It's time to renew my passport and I thought I'd try and push the photography boundaries as far as I could.
There's no smiling, no head on side, no funnage, or circus tricks allowed.
But I noticed there's no ban on big hair, make up, hair ornaments, jewelry or bra straps.
Bags under the eyes are non-negotiable.
Don't Say Cheese So today I thought I'd pile on the accessories and red lippy, plus do some of my classic double-bagging to find out if I would be escorted off post office premises.
I'm easily amused.
Don't Say Cheese Well, no exciting stories of expulsion to tell, but I walked away with a pic that will probably make me giggle rather than cringe when I open my passport.
Don't Say Cheese Spiked headband: check
Flower hair clip: check
Shoulder-grazing earrings: check
Loads of necklaces: check
Red lippy, bleached hair, darkened brows and liquid liner: check
Bags under eyes (a non-negotiable): check
Don't Say Cheese
Customs officers are going to be expecting a flamboyant show of circus proportions during my next decade of travels aren't they?
Don't Say Cheese
Don't Say Cheese
Don't Say Cheese
Don't Say Cheese Thank you all for your encouraging comments about my cherry-popping car park experience with the tripod. Usually it's just the tripod and me at home. Away from home, The Stylist does the rest ... and what a talent she is with framing, lighting and her soon-to-be patented "five-shots-and-let's-go-home-now" method.
Don't Say Cheese 1930s onsie - eBay and DIY'd to turn it into a top Feather vest - Shag, Melbourne Comic necklace - gifted by exquisite Em of Ivy Black Chat 1950s black bag, green granny bag, bangles, earrings, other necklaces - thrifted Pink zipper hair clip - handmade and gifted by lovely Erica of Recycled Fashion Leggings - Black Milk Docs - Solestruck sale All set for the weekend lovelies?
Don't forget to set the volume to ELEVEN and show 'em how funky you are!
Desiree xoxo

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