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Don't Miss Out On These Heavy Reissues!

Posted on the 25 October 2020 by Ripplemusic
Don't Miss Out On These Heavy Reissues! Don't Miss Out On These Heavy Reissues!

We love our dudes at Cursed Tongue. We've done a ton of collaborations, and now reissues (of the records pictured above!) with them. On top of that they are great guys and very good friends. In fact, their CEO Neils had a photo of our head of artist development, Matt Bacon, with his head photoshopped on Churchill as his phone background for a while!

We've done some remarkable records together, and the 3 pictured above are particular standouts. Be it the hard rock fun of Wolftooh, the doom metal magic of Hazemaze or the crushing fuzz of Psychlona! All three of these records are must buys for lovers of the heavy stuff!

Of course - they all sold out super fast. Which is why we've got these reissues coming at you. So many people wanted, no NEEDED a copy of their own! That's why we worked together to bring you high quality and unique repressings making them a must both for collectors and casual fans. For those who love the loud, these are albums best heard on wax.

Get these gorgeous reissues of all three of these heavy masterworks on our BigCartel!


Get The Heavy!

PS: What other bands would you like to see us reissue? Let us know! Your voice can influence what will be repressed next! Meanwhile, grab these here: https://ripplemusic.bigcartel.com/products

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