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Don’t Look Away

Posted on the 03 August 2011 by Gradmommy @cocomamamas

Please don’t ignore this.

While our media was covering our country’s government was playing chicken and being fear mongers over the national debt because we have so much money to spend, children in Somalia are looking like this:


I can’t look at this without crying. That’s not just some child, that’s MY child.

I can’t look away. I won’t look away. Not without doing something. Not without helping.

This is worse than the famine of 1992, they say.

Half a million children will starve to death.

Do something. The media attention on this has been shamefully sparse, and as a result, the fundraising has been sparse too.

Unicef has gotten in. Oxfam is accepting donations too.

Please don’t look away.

“The people waiting / positions vacant / for hands to help / not just to pray.” - Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono, The Edge: Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)

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