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Don't Let Discouragement Capture You

By Elizabethprata @elizabethprata
By Elizabeth Prata
I've been quietly grieving and upset about the abortion issue. When NY passed the abortion on demand anytime law, I wrote to a friend and predicted that soon we will be confronted with abortions in the birth canal, then simply killings outside the womb.
I was shocked and frankly, surprised, at how quickly my intuition had come true. Two days later VA proposed a bill in committee which would allow just that. I was sickened and turned my head, eyes, and attention away from the discussion.
But the disquiet remained. It was in there. A discouragement curled itself into my heart, and began squeezing. My mind's countenance fell.
I do not like to remain in discouragement, so I sought the Lord. Bible reading, prayer, and listening to good lessons about Him. This is the remedy.
This Bible verse helped me. Isaiah 6:3 says-
And they were calling to one another:

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;
the whole earth is full of his glory!"
Barnes' Notes on the Bible says,
The whole earth - Margin, 'The earth is the fulness of his glory.' All things which he has made on the earth express his glory. His wisdom and goodness, his power and holiness, are seen every where. The whole earth, with all its mountains, seas, streams, trees, animals, and people, lay the foundation of his praise. In accordance with this, the Psalmist, in a most beautiful composition, calls upon all things to praise him; see Psalm 148:1-14.
Just being outside with the birds, (I saw a killdeer for the first time!) and listening to them tweeting reminded me of God in His glory. The grass here is green and the trees, while most of them are bare, are majestic in their branches reaching for the blue sky. The sun was warm on my shoulders. I felt refreshed in pondering the LORD'S creativity and power in making all this with just His word. And energized by thinking of Jesus for sustaining it all, every moment. (Colossians 1:17).
The earth is filled with His glory now, and after the new earth is made, it will be saturated with it again but no curse, and more! The beauty will be astounding. It already is.
I particularly enjoyed this remedy: Q&A between Phil Johnson and John MacArthur on the Sovereignty of God. Focusing on God and His attributes is always healthy for the heart and mind and soul. Turning my gaze from my own tendril-clutched heart and darkly clouded mind to His glory, His love, His power, His sovereignty is THE remedy. I pass this along to you as a good help for what might be ailing you in these dark end of days. I found their discussion early on about Job especially uplifting.
  • Why is there evil?
  • Do we have to submit to evil rulers?
  • Why does God save some and not others?
  • What is the freedom of the will? The bondage of the will?
  • Will many be saved?
  • Does satan have power to thwart God?
and more
Answering the Big Questions about the Sovereignty of God
Don't let the mews of the day get you down. The earth is full of His glory. He is on His throne, nothing is a surprise to Him.  He is coming again, in glory and power to receive us to Himself. Jesus has raised up leaders like Phil Johnson and John MacArthur and others, and created technology to send out these edifying discussions, in which men clarify His word and exalt the Lord.
It is all refreshing, energizing, and reviving. It is a comfort to think of Him. Don't let the news of the day get you down.
Don't let discouragement capture you

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