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Don't Just Ask For A Favor

Posted on the 08 February 2012 by Lisa @Lisapatb
I did a guest post yesterday over at cirquedumot on Your 5 Must Have's for Twitter and I learned something very interesting. On Twitter people were tweeting the post via
Don't Just Ask For A Favor When I went on to visit I was already registered but had not used it. It is another nice app to use for 3 of your social networks - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can connect with those on the website and ask for favors. You can also give favors and get points for doing so.  Some people are asking for favors for tweets of their posts or others are asking for Facebook page likes. You can match up with people in your particular niche so it makes sense for you or your business. You can fill out your profile and connect all 3 of your networks on there. It also gives you suggestions of who to follow, their bio and their even their Klout scores.  You can also asked to be introduced to others on the network. (A feature like on LinkedIn) .

Don't Just Ask For A Favor This social site is another great way to connect with other users in your niche that you may have not yet connected with in your networks. It is similar to Re-Tweet or Twiends but it uses 3 of the biggest networks together. Nice! I like when you can use more than just 1 network on an application. You can also ask general questions (like Quora) or you can give feedback on websites. So if you have a special blog post that you want promoted in your networks and need a little help on getting some Facebook likes be sure to visit . Thanks to Susan at Cirquedumot for reminding me of this great application. 

Will you be asking for favors on And do you have social networks you registered on but have not used?

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