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Don't Forget the Salt Water...

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

In previous years before Pesach we have seen stores selling the most banal of items that could easily be made at home with almost no effort - such as packages of 10 small pieces of bread for bedikat chametz. Such as hard boiled eggs. There was also packages of crumbs for the birds sold for Shabbos Shira. And pre-prepared salt water has been sold before as well.

The current version of pre-prepared salt water being sold is making the rounds right now.

don't forget the salt water...

It is pretty easy to make salt water. This isn't one of those things that should really have much of a market. Maybe if they were using mineral water it would at least be similar to people who buy bottled water rather than drinking from the tap. 

This year with the seder on Motzei Shabbos and the need to prepare the salt water in advance, this might be an easy solution, if not a bit expensive, to avoid forgetting to prepare it until it is too late.

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