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Don't Confuse Feeling Better for Being Better

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The CoronaVirus Czar Professor Nachman Eish warned today that we are in a dangerous situation right now. According to Eish, the morbidity numbers are steadily going up while there is a feeling among the public that Corona is gone, finished. Eish says they will be considering further steps and adjusting the guidelines, etc.
I heard something interesting recently and think it also applies to CoronaVirus, so I think I will mention it here as encouragement to everyone to keep the rules as much as possible.
Sometimes when you are sick, after taking medicine for a few days, you might start feeling better, even though you are not yet fully healed, fully recuperated. Some people realize they need to continue taking their medicine to completely knock the sickness out, while others might think they are feeling better so they can stop taking the medicine.
People mistake feeling better for being better. If you are taking medicine and feel better, it is because of the medicine, even though you are not yet fully better, so you need to keep taking the medicine until you actually are better.
With CoronaVirus as well. People kept to the rules, people wear masks and distance and are pretty careful,  added to some sort of a lockdown, and sure enough the numbers went down. We "feel better". The numbers are down. But don't confuse feeling better for being better. Don't think Corona is obviously gone, numbers are [relatively] low, we don't need to wear masks any longer or be careful about distancing. Don't confuse feeling better for being better. Corona is still around, looking for opportunities to spread. The numbers are low because of the precautions most of us are taking, so keep at it and keep the numbers as low as possible, and don't give them an opportunity to increase.
Don't confuse feeling better for being better
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