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Don’t Buy A Flea Collar Before Reading This

By Junefrazier

Don’t Flea Collar Before Reading This


Is your pup...

  • Scratching vigorously while resting indoors?
  • Frequently shedding hair?
  • Experiencing sleepless night and frequent discomfort?
  • Licking or chewing certain areas of the body more than normal?
  • Shaking his head and scratching his ears?
  • Resisting meals or frequently regurgitating food?

It's true that washing your pup's coat with an insecticide, creating a homemade remedy, popping dog flea pills in your dog's food, or taking him to a vet for a nice coat dusting eradicate existing fleas.

Check out this video breaking down homemade solutions and a few tips for naturally removing fleas from your home and backyard.

However, if you're looking for a more permanent solution to a persistent flea problem, or you're hoping to prevent the problem altogether, flea collars will save you time, money, and hours of worrying about frightening fleas.

Some believe fleas are nothing more than a pesky side effect of owning a furry friend. While some cases of fleas bring on nothing more than itchy skin, mild infections and a restless pup, some result in painful and, sometimes fatal, illnesses.

Gas Versus Medication

We recommend collars containing medication that absorbs into the fat layer under a dog's skin. The medication causes fleas to die when they take a bite of your precious pup.

This type of collar is typically more effective than flea collars emitting toxic gas into the vicinity.

According to recent studies, flea collars with imidacloprid/flumethrin will reduce flea count by 95%, collars with deltamethrin have shown to be effective in 85% to 97% of cases and propoxur injected flea collars were effective 80% to 90% of the time.

Finally, go for the dog collar that slowly releases chemicals for at least five months for long term flea repellent. While these collars are pricier up front, they save you money in the long run as you're not replacing disposable collars month after month after month.

Tailor Collars To Your Dog

You can't go wrong with any of these ingredients, but it's also important to customize the collar with your dog's breed, behavior, and physical location.

Some areas have larger tick and flea populations than others depending on the climate! If you're located where it's warm and humid, chances are the flea population is rampant. This means finding a durable, long lasting collar for long term prevention is key.

If your dog's especially active, it's especially important for your pup's collar to be durable and withstand intense movement.

If your dog's a large breed, invest in a large collar and vice versa. Ill-fitting collars are less effective and often uncomfortable.


Look for smooth, non-irritant, and water-resistant. We also recommend selecting a lighter collar for your pup so they're more comfortable and you as the owner have an easier time fastening it.

Although we recommend light collars, the collar should still be durable. The last thing you want is for the collar to shatter when your active pup rolls over.

  • While chemicals are necessary to fight off fleas, they're still chemicals that will affect your dog in large doses.It's smart to check the active ingredients in collars because some chemicals are safer than others.
  • For instance, Deltamethrin and Pyriproxyfen are two of the safest insecticides while Propoxur is harmful to humans and chemicals like Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) should be avoided at all costs.
  • We also recommend avoiding collars with jagged edges or sharp fixtures that may bruise or slice your poor pup.
  • Safety hazards are typically found in cheap, low-quality dog collars so beware of poorly made products. These products often do more harm than good!

We love Seresto because of its long lasting flea-fighting capabilities. This collar, while only appropriate for small breed dogs, is effective for up to 8 months. If your pup is 7 weeks of age or younger and less than 18 pounds, this collar may be for you.

Repelling both ticks and fleas, this collar is odorless and especially easy to remove. The collar closes just like a belt and even allows you to cut off excess length for a customized fit.

Seresto is also fast-acting with results shown for most users in just one to two weeks. If your dog has had uncomfortable and itchy rashes for weeks, this collar will stop their suffering and soothe infected skin almost instantaneously.

On the flip side, Seresto uses chemicals known to induce allergies and sickness in certain dogs

Some users have even reported that their dogs experience seizures after using the collar so if your dog is older or especially sensitive to toxins, this may not be the product for you.

It should also be noted that Seresto makes collars for large dogs too!

Great for small to medium dogs, this collar works well for up to four months, just long enough for eggs and larvae to die off completely.

Similar to Seresto's collar, the Facilla allows you to customize collar size. The collar is adjustable, ranging from 21 to 30 centimeters in diameter. It's also easy to remove and the nylon material is relatively sturdy.

What's great about Facilla collars is the number of pests they successfully eliminate; from lice to ticks to mosquitoes to fleas, this collar keeps your doggie bug-free.

However, the collar itself isn't well reinforced so if your dog is especially active, feisty, or rough on himself and his toys, this collar won't be able to withstand long term abuse.

The Facilla collar also works by emitting a toxic gas to kill pests in the vicinity. While effective, we believe these collars are less effective than those which release medicine directly into your dog's neck.



XUS is a one-size fits most collar that repels ticks and fleas with a more natural formula, using Eucalyptus and Citronella essential oils.

Effective for at least 6 months, XUS promises zero harmful side effects. However, the manufacturer does mention that 100% effectiveness is only guaranteed throughout the first three months due to the short term longevity of natural oils.

The collar is waterproof and kills lice, larvae, and mosquitos in addition to ticks and fleas - bonus bugs!

If you've been using another brand with fewer natural ingredients and you notice your pup acting lethargic, it may be a reaction to harmful chemicals. Take it as a sign to switch your brand to this all-natural option.

If you're an owner who likes to bathe their dogs often, or your dog needs one because he loves rolling around in layers of dirt, or if you live in a rainy climate, fear not because XUS is 100% water proof!

XUS also comes at a cheaper price in comparison to other top brands if you're on a budget.

Some claim XUS's all-natural formula is misleading and for some pups, it induces oil- related allergies.

If it isn't obvious, Seresto is a leading brand in the dog flea collar industry.

If your dog is over 18 pounds or older than seven weeks and you're looking for that long-lasting repellent, Bayer Seresto for Large Dogs may be your product.

Similar to its formula for smaller dogs, Bayer is odorless, lasts for up to eight months, and is completely water-resistant.

More impressive than a long-lasting formula, Bayer Seresto for Large Dogs kills existing fleas within a 24 hour period while preventing tick infestations within 48 hours after application.

Seresto is a fast-acting formula which is no surprise given that Seresto contains flumethrin - a chemical that's up to 95% effective in ridding dogs of pesky insects.

Manufacturers do warn not to bathe your pup more than once per month for maximum effectiveness.

For dogs exposed to water more than once per month - maybe your dog loves swimming! - the control duration is reduced to five months for flea control and seven for tick control.

Seresto also boasts a non-grease formula and can be adjusted to a length of up to 70 centimeters in diameter if your pup is especially large.

Competing with Seresto for top long-lasting flea repellent, Hartz lasts for up to seven months after application.

Hartz is another great brand for large dogs and is 100% water resistant with a fresh, clean scent. If you're sensitive to the smell of some of the other chemical-infused brands, Hartz is, quite literally, a breath of fresh air.

The collar stretches to fit up to 26-inch necks and is durable for large, active dogs.

On the flip side, Hartz uses Tetrachlorvinphos or TCVP, a big no-no when it comes to flea collars. While some dogs and owners experience no reaction, TCVP is a carcinogen for humans and can also be dangerous for household pets.

The label even warns to keep the collar away from children because TCVP is some serious stuff! Some users have even complained that their dogs lost patches of hair and developed skin rashes after application.

Nevertheless, most users see great success with Hartz products, some even claiming their dogs stopped scratching within two hours of application. Hartz is also more affordable for a high-end brand.

Don’t Buy A Flea Collar Before Reading This

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