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Don't Bother - You'll Never Win!

Posted on the 10 February 2012 by Lisa @Lisapatb
Does that sound phrase familiar in your head? Is that what you think when you see contests? Or when you want to enter into something new? You are not alone. But someone has to win, right? I won yesterday and I was so excited to win the contest over at BasicBlogTips !
Don't Bother - You'll Never Win! I didn't think I'd really win but thought "Why not?" and entered since I enjoy the site there by Ms. Ileane. It was not hard to enter as I first though it might be.

Many people throughout life do not enter into new things because they thing they will not "Win", or are fearful it will be too hard. They are afraid to fail so they don't take that first step. You just have to get in the mindset of "Why Not?" and "What do I have to lose?"

What would have happened to Babe Ruth when he struck out 1330 times and then gave up on his batting? 
Don't Bother - You'll Never Win!

He never would have hit 714 home runs! Just remember that the next time you are contemplating a move. Think of Babe Ruth and let that thought guide you to accomplish what it is that you really want to do.  

If you are afraid that you will not have enough time just do it and then you can always cut back afterwards. You can always change your mind midstream. No one will fault you for trying. But if you always sit on the sidelines you will always wonder, what if? What if I had tried to do that extra project or go that extra mile? What if I had applied for that job or asked that person to help me? If it's not time but talent you are afraid of try to practice, and practice. If you really want to do it and enjoy it you will get good at it.

Things to do to get over your fears:

1) Let go of your ego - you really don't need it!
2)Make a decision - write down the pros and cons and make that decision - give yourself a deadline
3) Stop Thinking Too Much - What will they think? Do you really think people are thinking about what you are doing all the time? They are too busy thinking about themselves or too busy just doing their own thing in life.
4) Practice - Whatever it is that you want to do practice it. It will give you the confidence to actually go out and do it.

What else holds you back from entering something new? 

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