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Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

According to a Press Release we received tonight DomainTools, launched it newest product Domain Report, which promised to change “how individuals and businesses access domain information”.

“A Domain Report creates a thorough, customized report that utilizes the world’s most comprehensive database on domains to generate  an accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive snapshot of domain data”.

“In a matter of minutes, a report can be created on any single domain name and compiled into one professional PDF document”.

“This new tool is incredibly useful for users who want to focus their research on a single domain name and does not require a full site membership to access”.

“Domain Report not only gives customers access to nearly all domain ownership history on a single domain name registered now or in the past, but also provides website screenshots and lists of connected domains on the same Nameserver or IP Address”.

A Domain Report can be useful in any number of professional scenarios:

•   A trademark attorney needs to show that a domain name was registered in bad faith after the filing date of their client’s trademark. They obtain a Domain Report from DomainTools that clearly documents the chain of ownership including registration dates and ownership contact information.  In addition, the Domain Report includes historical screenshots of the domain name being used in violation of the client trademarks.

•   A network administrator identifies a domain name in a phishing email and needs to document its ownership and DNS data to share with the proper authorities. They order a Domain Report and discover dozens of connected domains that share the same IP address or name server as their target domain. The administrator uses that new data to surface a more complete picture of the phishing network and initiates a coordinated response in the security community.

•   An individual is interested in buying a high-value domain name from another party.   She buys a Domain Report on the domain to validate the current ownership status, ensure the domain has a clean history, and capture useful negotiating points such as how long the current owner has owned it, has the current owner ever developed it, and possibly whether the current owner also owns other TLDs of the same domain string.

“A number of our customers use DomainTools on an event-driven basis when they have a domain-specific research need.  These important users don’t need DomainTools every day, but when they need us they want to know everything they can about a given domain name and know that their $49 investment can save hours of work or thousands of dollars.  We created Domain Report in response to this customer demand.…

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