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Domain Registrars Are Saying “Thank You Boomer”

Posted on the 25 November 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

Baby Boomers might not be thrilled with the term “Ok boomer” but registrars and registries sure are.

Aja Romano @ajaromano writes on “The earliest mentions of OK boomer can be traced as far back as 2015 on 4chan, where the phrase was used as an insult by the forum’s anonymous users, aimed at other anons who seemed out of touch.

But the phrase really took off this year on TikTok, as a rebuttal to angry rants by baby boomers about kids these days. A song by Peter Kuli & Jedwill known as “OK BOOMER!” — the verses define boomers as racist, fascist Trump supporters with bad hair — became a popular song choice for TikTok sing-along videos this fall.

Teens on the platform used the song’s intro and chorus as a rebuttal to annoying run-ins they’d had with seniors policing or judging their behavior.”

In the domain world the domain name closed at auction last week for $10,050 at NameJet.

With increasing discussion everywhere of the “OK Boomer” meme and this 5 figure auction close, registrations are booming.

OK Boomer is now registered in 60 extensions:

Other names like oddly the .com does not resolve but the .website has a developed website selling “Im an OK Boomer” t-shirts.

How about registered by a foundation.

So with over 200 “ok boomer” related names in the last 30 days, we will see if the trend continues of peeters out.

There is a showcase thread at Namepros.

The Covfefe trend which started back in May of 2017 had at one time 232 extensions taken for Covfefe. Currently there are 99 extensions registered with a couple new ones this past month. which dropped a year after registered was reregisterd this month along with was registered as well.

The owner of still looking for big bucks, if you go to the site it’s $100,000 min offer, yet buy it now $50,000 on Sedo. is listed for $100,000 at Network Solutions.

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