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Domain Movers:,, & More Domains

Posted on the 03 September 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Domain Movers is unique! Domain Movers is exciting! Domain Movers is fun! Domain Movers presents to you a “behind the scenes” look at what large companies are buying, registering and simply moving domain name wise! These are often early signs of a future advertising campaigns. A new product launch. A better domain name. And so much more!

Here are the latest movements we detected, focused mainly on large corporations:

Carnival Corporation has purchased the domain name from Vertical Axis. The domain has been registered since April 20, 2004 and Carnival has already put the domain name to use, redirecting it to

Carnival also uses the domain name and has a stand alone website on that domain name but still holds the World’s Leading Cruise Lines title.

TATA Global Beverages GB Limited has purchased the domain name from Get On The Web Limited. A cached page of the domain name stated a listing price of $18,950 to purchase. The companies current main domain name used is

Mattel, Inc. registered the domain name

NFL registered

Abbott Laboratories registered and They also registered and

Guthy-Renker LLC has purchased the domain name from The domains was registered on January 10, 2014 and sold for $1,888.

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated has purchased the domain name According to whois records, the domain name was owned by Synergy Technologies, LLC and went into Sedo transfer August 4, 2015 when the domain name was using The domain has been registered since October 22, 1998. sold for $10,000 on Sedo as reported on TheDomains.

Apple Inc. registered the domain name According to DomainTools, the domain has some history to it and has bounced around between 8 registrars and has been dropped 13 times in its previous life. Apple did purchase the Hopstop app which is an international navigation service, so this may be a typo cover registration and a good one at that. has moved to privacy protection at GoDaddy and has also changed web hosting provider to Amazon. The domain name was owned by Frequency IP Holdings, LLC. and a Blair Harrison of Sherman Oaks, CA prior to going into privacy protection.

“Frequency is the best way to get all of your free-to-watch internet video, TV, music and more. Frequency is also a great app for all of the latest news, sports, comedy, entertainment, food, fashion, health, and technology videos.” according to Frequency Networks Inc. LinkedIn page. It is unclear currently the reason behind the two changes. which is owned by Comcast has redirected the domain to the sub-domain in the past, has now put the domain as a stand alone. has been sold. The domain name was owned by Kraus Organization Ltd. and the domain name with parked Sedo according to whois records. Whois was under privacy. The domain did come out of whois privacy on July 20, 2015 revealing Kraus Organization in a public record.

On July 23, 2015 the domain name transferred from Network Solutions to showing generic privacy information in whois records. July 24, 2015 a Anita Hansen appears in whois with a email address. The domain then quickly goes back into whois privacy.

Was the buyers? May be, but they are also a law firm and law firms are used at times to acquire assets. The domain has since had name servers set with Akamai Technologies services and a 90’s looking page is up stating “Worldwide web site”. Worldwide Clinical Trials”” 401 N Maple Dr. Beverly Hills, CA”

The website at matches the above name and address. That domain is under privacy protection at Worldwide Clinical Trials Incorporated was founded by Dr. Neal R. Cutler with “the business philosophy places an emphasis on site and patient focused clinical research” according to about page.

“Dentons is a multinational law firm and the world’s largest law firm by number of lawyers. It was founded in March 2013 by the merger of SNR Denton, Fraser Milner Casgrain and Salans. The firm had revenue of $1.3B (2013/14). They have 120 offices across 52 countries with approximately 6,500 lawyers.” according to Wikipedia.

I spoke with Michael Berkens, owner of Worldwide Media Inc. and and he was not aware the domain name was for sale or would have been an interested party. has been acquired by startup Shotput. The Y Combinator backed startup describes itself as “Amazon Web Services for fulfillment”. This is a domain name upgrade for the startup as they are indexed  on the domain name was owned by Purple Domains of Potomac Maryland who appears to have acquired it via Sedo from Next Navigation Pty Ltd in 2010 timeframe with a June 8, 2010 whois record with the domain going into Sedo transfer service. A listing shows the domain sold for $6,100 around that time. which was owned by CoreLogic, Inc. has moved out of domain registrar MarkMonitor to under privacy protection. The same website that was on the domain name prior, still resolves, but this may be a sign the domain name has sold? has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain name was “Repossessed by GoDaddy” which means the domain name had a failed payment at GoDaddy, so they auction the domain name off to recover costs. The domain had a $25 listing price but I am not exactly sure if it ended for that amount. has been acquired by Disney, also a CSC Corporate Domains client. Being registered since June 30, 2005, the domain was registered at GoDaddy and had an offering price of $4,250. The domain was owned by Paul Mardesich prior to the change of ownership.

AstraZeneca AB has purchased the domain name from on or about June 15, 2015 according to whois records. The domain name had a listing price of $1,795. AstraZeneca then registered the .net on July 20, 2015, along with the .info, .biz and .us domain names. was registered by AstraZeneca on August 16, 2015. has transferred into CSC Corporate Domains using generic whois data. The domain name was owned by Hans-Dieter Fellmann prior and had a website on the domain name, which was in German (according to Google) and appeared to relate to a restaurant. The website no longer resolves. has been registered since February 19, 1996.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company has purchased the domain name from Media Options S.A. who had the domain name using name servers which is owned by Frank Schilling.

Media Options wrote an article dated May 1, 2012 announcing that they acquired the domain name and were partnering with ReviMedia “in order to best monetize and develop this domain to provide the best place to find online insurance quotes”

According to, it doesn’t appear the domain was ever developed but did redirect to in 2013 and in 2014 redirected to a .

A blog post on dated October 14, 2014 stated that received a $12,000 bid on NameJet but did not meet reserve.

The domain name had a listing price recently of $28,000 on Afternic, but that listing remains, so the sales price is currently unknown.

To note, sold for $1,650 on Sedo in January 2011.

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