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Domain Movers:,, and More Domains

Posted on the 30 April 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

Thanks for stopping in to checkout Domain Movers, which is a series on TheDomains that digs thousands of domain names and finds domain registrations, domain acquisitions and simply movers for other reasons mainly by all large companies.

Here we go with the latest domain movers discovered:

Microsoft announced its new name for “Project Spartan”, which is the new browser to replace Internet Explorer. The new browsers name is “Microsoft Edge”. They currently do not own, not even as it was registered by an individual in China on January 26, 2015. (it always amazes me when this happens… did they have insider info?)

So anyway, Microsoft did register some domains like: which they launched a site on and the domain is registered to them. They registered the domain the day of the announcement 4/29/2015. Then the following domains were registered:,,,, and All of those domains were registered under the generic DNStination Inc. which is a little odd to me at MarkMonitor. It is not clear if those domains were registered on behalf of Microsoft.

Other domains relating to the Edge browser that are confirmed to be registered by Microsoft include many typo versions with the term Microsoft Edge .com, / .net /.org. /.org but was registered by a LV Meijer on January 25, 2015… very similar to when was registered by somebody in China on January 26th.,,,,,, and to mention a few more were registered by Microsoft. (numbernumber) has likely been sold? The domain name was listed under Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co.,Ltd (Owners of in whois and the domain name has since went into privacy protection at GoDaddy under the domain name servers DNSV4.COM. The domain is listed on and had 2 offers on it. also holds solid potential that it may have sold. The domains registrant details switched to Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co.,Ltd from a “ken” in whois. The domain is now listed on for sale.

I have been starting to watch the Chinese market more, so I will start reporting the things that I see. It is challenging following many of these domains as I do not read Chinese and many of the email addresses and such are harder to track. I’ll do my best to report what I see.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, INC, owners of over 2,000 domain names have listed the domain for sale at Sedo with a Make Offer style listing. The domain was registered March 10, 2004 and has been owned by the company since. which is owned by Accusoft has had several movements with the domain name starting October 8, 2014 when the domain name switched to a [email protected]” and transferred out of Moniker to On January 30, 2015 the domain name transferred back to Moniker with empty whois data. On April 21, 2015 the domain transferred to GANDI SAS back under ownership of Accusoft in whois.

I had suspected that may have been stolen back on February 1, 2015 and I still feel like it likely was stolen at Moniker and now has finally been returned to the rightful owner. also connects with the above mentioned email address as that domain came out of privacy at Moniker on October 5, 2014 but retained at Moniker. also at Moniker came out of privacy on November 18, 2014 with the matching email address, also staying at Moniker. Both and retain that email address to date. I had wrote about a massive security breach at Moniker on October 7, 2014. was sold by NeuStar, Inc. on August 23, 2013 to a new startup by Robin Chen, co-founder of Uber and Garrett Camp. Operator is a request network, like the olden days when you dialed 0 for help. The site is still in private beta. has been acquired by The Active Network, Inc. ( The domain name was owned by Marchex and was part of the recently acquired domain name portfolio acquired by GoDaddy. The Active Network owns a little over 1,200 domain names. The transaction took place on January 29, 2015.

Active published a press release on March 9, 2015 announcing the launch of Active Kids. “We’ve created a new site that makes it easier and more efficient to find local activities for the entire family,” said Darko Dejanovic, Chief Executive Officer at ACTIVE Network. “Parents can easily search for camps, extra-curricular classes, and other types of activities that would interest their children. You can read the full press release here.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. who own a little over 900 domain names have registered and They currently do not own, which is owned by a Gary Schoen according to whois records and registered at GoDaddy. was registered by Gardner Denver, Inc. which did make me LOL. Gardner Denver was founded in 1859, is a global manufacturer of industrial compressors, blowers, pumps, loading arms and fuel systems. B.V. has acquired two domain names, and was registered January 27, 2013 and owned by GV, LLC with a registrant email address (eCorp). Whois information changed to the generic DNStination Inc. on April 22, 2015. was registered November 8, 2006 and was also owned by eCorp.

Google Inc. has registered the domain names and They continued with, and Scratching your head, me to! They continued with and was registered by CitizenHawk, Inc on behalf of NBCUniversal Media, LLC on January 28, 2015. The domain name has since transferred ownership in whois records to NBCUniversal. The domain was registered before but expired on November 20, 2014. CitizenHawk registered the domain at GoDaddy.

iHM Identity, Inc. ( has registered the domain names and has been acquired by Siegent, Inc. Siegel Enterprises Inc. is the investment holding company for the business holdings of Stu Siegel. The domain name was owned by Yahoo! Inc from at least 2001 until around July 2009 when the domain starting using generic whois data DNStination Inc. at MarkMonitor.  The domain was on Yahoo name servers until November 15, 2013 when the domain started using The domain had an offer range of $10,000-$24,999 USD listing price.

Zynga? The domain name has been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. Zynga owns the domain name

Elavon Inc. registered the domain names / .net.

Saks Incorporated registered the domain names / .net / .org

Polycom Inc. registered the domain name .

The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. acquired Dorsey, Wright & Associates LLC for $225 Million in January 2015 and the domain name has since transferred ownership to Nasdaq according to whois records. The Nasdaq STock Market Inc. owns a little over 800 domain names.

OMS Investments, Inc. (Scotts) has registered the domain name Scotts are the owners of the popular Miracle-Gro brand.

Frito-Lay North America, Inc. registered the domain names, and has acquired the domain name from a Alex Peper according to whois records. The domain has been registered since June 15, 1999. has been acquired by a currently unknown SafeNames client, but it appears the buyers are getting ready to launch a site on it already as domain name servers have been changed to Amazon hosting. The domain name was listed for sale using at the time of the transaction and was owned by Innovation HQ, Inc. The domain had a listing price of $1,125,000. Haus in German is “House” in English. has been sold by Abdullah Alkulaibi who acquired the domain on November 27, 2014 according to whois records. The buyer is currently unknown at the domain is in escrow at EscrowHill currently. did sell for $5,000 at Sedo in 2008. has done some moving in whois from B52 Media to Telepathy, Inc. according to whois records. The domain name was using and under privacy protection at eNom prior. On March 5, 2015 the domain name changed to Lonnie Borck’s B52 Media at eNom in whois. On March 20, 2015 the domain went back into whois privacy using ParkLogic domain servers and by April 10, 2015, transferred to and started using and is displaying Telepathy, Inc. in whois records. The domain is resolving to a for sale page stating the domain is for sale by B52 Media, so it’s a little odd to transfer in to Telepathy and resolve to a webpage showing the domain is for sale by B52 Media.

I reached out to Lonnie and he said the domain did not sell and is still owned by B52 Media. Why the change from B52 to Telepathy in whois? I did not get a reply back to that question. Maybe a domain loan?

Black Entertainment Television LLC has registered the domain name . BET owns almost 300 domain names. would appear to have been “sold” if you compare whois records as the domain name changed registrant details from Giftco, LLC to Provide Commerce, Inc but both of those companies are subsidiaries of FTD Companies, Inc. The domain name has transferred registrars from MarkMonitor to CSC Corporate Domains and changed registrants at that time.

Pfizer Inc. has registered the domain name The domain was registered in the past, but expired 12/18/2011 and has remained unregistered since that time.

Automattic, Inc. has secured the domain name, which was owned by WEB HOSTING INC. according to whois records with a registrant email of “EZ2BA.COM”. The domain was used as a website. I wasn’t able to find any details relating to the transaction if it was legal or not.

HarperCollins Publishers had owned the domain name but let it expire on 1/28/2015. The domain was removed from the registry and was registered at GoDaddy by Wonders App, Wonders is a Techstar member.

Google Inc. registered the domain name

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