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Doing Your Part in Spreading Breast Cancer Awareness.

By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug

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In the modern day, it is hard-pressed to find anyone whose lives have not been affected by cancer.  Recently, my pal Christine shaved her head in honor of those she knew who had passed with cancer and for Cancer Awareness Day.  I’m not as brave and will probably choose to wear one of the awesome breast cancer awareness shirts available on the market…and keep my hair.  But all joking aside, breast cancer – in fact, cancer in general – is not something to laugh about – and at some point, we all have a responsibility to do something, even if it is tiny, to help rid the world of this horrible disease.

In my life, I’ve known and know quite a few people who have had (and who have cancer), and recently have discovered that yet another person close to me has been affected by this terrible disease.  Interestingly enough, although I have only known one person who has had breast cancer, (who unfortunately succumbed), breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with a lifetime risk of being diagnosed of 1 in 8 for women in the UK (Cancer Research UK).  And, my dear Canadian friends, I have not forgotten you – in fact I’ve found even more statistics to quote to you from the Canadian Cancer Society!  Breast cancer is THE MOST COMMON cancer among Canadian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers), and is the second leading cause of death in Canadian women with an average of 67  women being diagnosed and an average of 14 women dying from it daily.  I am stating the women’s statistics, but men do get breast cancer as well, just with slightly lower statistics in both countries mentioned here.

breast cancer awareness with Bewildered Bug

Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

One way of supporting breast cancer awareness is to buy cancer related products and to support cancer related events – all to raise money for cancer research.  What I love about these types of things is that you can utilize the products year-round – especially the breast cancer awareness shirts and clothing….unlike your ugly Christmas jumpers that you pull out of the dust and cobwebs once a year.

 Show your Support

Think of it this way – if you had cancer and were suffering and having a particularly hard day, would it not bring a little bit of brightness to you just to see someone you don’t know on the street sporting cancer research clothing?  It’s the little things, whether you are ill or not, that make life bearable and push you that little bit further – in this way you could support someone struggling in their fight with cancer.  Remember, cancer treatment is extremely taxing – mentally, emotionally and physically – on the person with the disease and those who have to assist in caring for them.  It is never an easy path, but it is doable and we can beat cancer together – so show your support even if it’s just quietly wearing a cancer support pin on your person daily, or purchase and wear a t-shirt – it’s so simple and you have to cloth yourself after all!

Use Connected Retailers

The funds from these sales also go into research, assisting with treatment and living expenses etc. for those struggling with this terrible disease – but ONLY if you purchase from a connected retailer!!  This will GUARANTEE that your purchase is benefiting the Breast Cancer Society and that your funds will reach those battling the disease.  Most of the time, these retailers proudly display that a portion of their profits are donated to the charity, and are usually willing to let you know of the percentage of their profits that go towards cancer research.

So I urge you, just sit for a minute or two today and think about who you know who are struggling with cancer.  Decide to help, even a little bit.  After all, life is short and uncertain, one day it may be you who needs the help!!  What else can you think of that would help rid the world of this disease?

breast cancer awareness with Bewildered Bug

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