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Doing The Divan Beds Dance

By Zenbedrooms @zen_bedrooms

Do you ever wonder why some of your friends are practically dancing when they get up in the morning and why others are dragging themselves around like zombies? The answer is right underneath you each night.It’s your bed! The bed you sleep in every night makes ALL the difference in the morning attitude. Divan bed owners are definitely doing the divan beds dance!

Doing The Divan Beds Dance

Divan Bed

“Why the dance?,” you may ask. Divan beds allow for extra comfort each night. The base is firm, which keeps your mattress from buckling. Even better, though, divan beds have built-in storage, which means even if you have a fairly small flat, you’re going to find something that meets both storage and sleep needs in one package.
In this day and age, everyone seems to be downsizing. In fact, maybe that’s why you are in the market for a new mattress yourself! When you downsize your home, a downsize in either the number of bedrooms or the overall space often comes along as well. That usually means that you must downsize your bed too. You might be wondering, then, how you could possibly do the divan beds dance if you have to get a smaller bed than what you already have. It’s actually all in the divan bed frame. Instead of trying to fit all of your dressers in the room along with your bed, you can get rid of a dresser and buy a divan bed. That means you get one of the grand king size divan beds and storage all at the same time! That is something to dance about, right? Don’t want the king size divan bed? That’s okay, you can buy a double divan bed and still get that extra storage!

Whether you are buying one of the king size divan beds or a double divan bed, you will be among those who are doing the divan beds dance every morning. 

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