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Dogs Neuter Behavior

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
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Male dogs can smell the pheromones produced by a female dog in a season from a distance of up to 5km – so it is no wonder a female dog may attract a large gathering of likely suitors at this time. Visiting males will loiter around her territory and you will have to put up with their persistence in trying to get to her, and in hers in trying to get out to them. There may be fights in the vicinity between rival males, as well as barking and howling day and night.

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Neuter Behavior

If neutered as early as possible, the behavior of male and female dogs will be almost the same – at least from the practical point of view of an owner, as both sexes tend to be more affectionate and amenable. There is some truth in the observation that neuters become more inactive than entires as they age, although their life expectancy is greater, due to them putting on weight.

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To prevent this happening, you may have to adjust your pet’s diet and ensure he gets sufficient exercise. Sometimes female dogs can become incontinent after they have been spayed, but this can usually be treated successfully with medication; on the plus side though, spaying does reduce a female dog’s chance of developing mammary tumors.

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