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Dog TV: So Dogs Don't Get Lonely While You're Gone

By Petslady @petslady

Dog TV, the first cable network devoted to dog viewers began airing today in San Diego, where it is shown on two cable networks. The main purpose of Dog TV is to keep your dog from feeling lonely while you are gone... but it does more.

Dogs watching TV (and probably salivating): image via
Dogs watching TV (and probably salivating): image via

The 24/7 digital TV channel has a current repertoire of about 800 short TV programs all professionally created by animal behaviorists.  They have three major aims: to relax and calm your dog, to stimulate him, and to get him used to experiencing new things, like riding in a car. The videos are each 3 to 5 minutes long and have been tested on dogs to assure that activity levels, volume, and background music appropriately evoke the desired response.

Here's one of the stimulating videos. I would love to be there when my dog sees this!

Internationally famous veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Nicholas Dodman fully endorses the programming on DogTV.  Quoted in the Dog TV press release, Dr. Dodman said, "Animals need visual and auditory simulation throughout the day. DOGTV presents a breakthrough with programming that is created specifically for dogs. It will help millions of dogs that are left home alone every day and also help pet parents who don't have the luxury of taking their dog with them to work or paying for doggy daycare."

Eventually, Dog TV will come to more and more cable stations.  Right now it is being shown at no charge to cable subscribers in San Diego, but eventually it will cost about $5.00 a month for the channel.  Cheap at what's touted to be better than a dog sitter!

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