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Dog Socialization: How to Introduce Your Pup to Social Training

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy

Introducing your dog to the social scene is an important training tool. Your dog needs to be exposed to different people, pets, places, and noises to help him learn how to act in a variety of situation and settings. Dog socialization is as important to a canine’s development as regular medical examinations, nutritionally balanced meals, and daily exercise.


The younger you can introduce your puppy to different sights, sounds, and smells in a safe way, the better he will grow into a well-adjusted adult. Vets agree that between 5 to 12 weeks old, puppies enter what’s known as the “socialization period.” This is the prime time for developing a puppy to learn proper doggy etiquette and how to interact with littermates, people, and other animals. This period explains the growing popularity of puppy kindergarten classes.


dog socialization

Dog Socialization Infographic *

You may enroll your puppy in these organized classes, but ultimately it’s very important that you incorporate little socialization sessions daily while at home or out and about with your young dog. Once your puppy has had his second round of vaccinations, consider spending 30 minutes or so on a park bench with him. His adorableness will quickly attract all types of people of all ages. He will get a lot of praise and attention, but more importantly, the little database in his brain will be filling away positive associations with little children, men with beards, women wearing hats, and so on.


While socialization deals with relationships, it’s also important to acclimate your dog of any age to different surroundings. This is referred to in behavioral language as “habituation.” Expose your dog to different surfaces such as grass, sidewalks, hiking trails, snow, and even slick surfaces such as the counter top. Introduce him to different smells and bring him to different places.


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