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Dog’s Safety in Films

By Ciciwriter @suemagic

I was looking forward to seeing the movie A Dogs Purpose. Seemed like a good uplifting positive message that I could certainly use right now. A movie about a dog’s purpose, life into reincarnation. Unfortunately, the word has been spreading that a GermanShepherd dog in the film, Hercules, was abused in a scene having to do with water. The poor dog was forced to go into the water, was traumatized and almost died from the stress.

The dog ‘trainer’ went far beyond the dog’s will and the AMERICAN HUMANE ASSOCIATION once again did NOTHING to help the dog. They were on set apparently and often oversee animals on set and are supposed to ensure the animals safety.  They have suspended, not fired, the person responsible on set. This is not acceptable. This person did NOT DO THEIR JOB OF ENSURING THE DOG’S SAFETY.

The AHA in New Jersey were the ones who wanted to exploit Patrick the pit bull who almost starved to death. Instead due to our huge outcry, Patrick was adopted by the loving vets who saved his life.

The author of the book, the producer and others have come out against the actions and Universal has canceled the premiere of the film.

As much as I do not like to agree with PETA who is calling for a boycott of the film, I do think that a boycott is in order. I also think that the people who performed and allowed the abuse of this dog need to be held accountable. I would beware of any other ‘solutions’ PETA has in mind given their often destructive agenda.

no dog should be forced against their will into water or any situation where they fear for their lives

Even the director of the film is disturbed about what happened to the dog, although some of the crew say the dog Hercules is fine.

Dog’s Safety in Films

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