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Dog’s Healthy Appearance and Behavior

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
healthy dog

A healthy dog is easy to recognize by the way he looks and behaves, allowing for individual variation, breed, and age. Once you get to know your own dog, you should have no difficulty in judging if all is well.

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Dog’s Healthy Appearance

Brighter eyes, a glossy coat, and a cold wet nose may be cited as classic signs of good health in a dog, but these are not invariable rules. A dog’s bright eyes may dim with age, even if he stays perfectly fit; his coat will not look glossy if it is wire-haired; and a healthy dog can have a warm dry nose.

signs of a healthy dog

Cold, wet nose. 

Perhaps more useful fitness indicators are your dog’s body shape and weight, which should stay consistent: strange swellings, sudden loss of weight, and abdominal bloating are all possible health warnings. Monitor weight gain and growth in a young dog by weighing him weekly and plotting the weight on a graph – back up this data by taking regular photographs as he matures.

Changes in health are also revealed in a dog’s feces and toileting habits, which can be markedly different from one dog to another. As you clear up after your dog, it will become obvious what is normal for him in terms of frequency, consistency, and color.

Dog’s Healthy Behavior

  • Looks bright and alert.
  • Interacts readily with family and other pets.
  • Moves freely, without stiffness.
  • Eager to take exercises.
  • Not unduly tired by exercise.
  • Interested in food.
  • Drinks expected amount of water.
  • Urinates and defecates to normal pattern.

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